Cannabis Strain Guides: Blueberry Diesel Strain Review

Cannabis Strain Guides: Blueberry Diesel Strain Review

When it comes to cannabis strains, Blueberry Diesel has it all. Aside from its mouth-watering flavor and classic fragrance, Blueberry Diesel offers relaxation without couch-lock, energizing effects without overstimulation, and creative inspiration without paranoia. 


Blueberry Diesel combines genetics from two classic strains: Blueberry and Sour Diesel.

blueberry diesel review


Blueberry Diesel gets its indica genetics and high myrcene content from its mother, Blueberry. Winner of the Best Indica Award in the 2000 Cannabis Cup, Blueberry combines genetics from a landrace Thai strain and a Purple Thai hybrid.

Sour Diesel

Blueberry Diesel’s unmistakable gassy citrus aroma comes from his famous father, Sour Diesel. A sativa-dominant blend of Chemdog and Super Skunk genetics, Sour D remains a perennial favorite among herb lovers. Traditional cannabis fans love the strain’s classic flavor and upbeat effects, and Sour Diesel CBD hemp flower lives up to its legendary name.

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Blueberry Diesel plants produce bright-green nugs with purple accents and light, rust-red pistils. Although the trichome layer isn’t as thick as a strain like White Widow, Blueberry Diesel makes up for it by packing in concentrated amounts of a few key terpenes.

THC Content

Blueberry Diesel averages around 20% THC, so it’s not for the faint-hearted. If you’re concerned about the THC content, you can get the same lip-smacking taste with Blueberry Diesel CBD hemp flower.

Aroma and Flavor

As the name suggests, Blueberry Diesel has a potent blueberry aroma with gassy overtones. A high myrcene count gives the strain a sweet, earthy base, while pinene and limonene add subtle pine and citrus notes. A dash of beta-caryophyllene accents the flavor with just the right amount of herbal spice. 

Some herb-connoisseurs compare the complex taste of Blueberry Diesel to blue cheese. While you’ll undoubtedly notice the characteristic taste when you smoke Blueberry Diesel, the flavor really pops when sampled with a dry herb vaporizer.

Effects of Blueberry Diesel

Blueberry Diesel’s effects tend to creep up on you slowly, but when they kick in, they last longer than many strain’s effects. Blueberry Diesel is a fairly balanced hybrid with a 60:40 indica-to-sativa ratio. The strain is excellent for easing stress and body aches without causing drowsiness. 


Dark and gloomy days are no match for Blueberry Diesel. Smoking or vaping the strain swiftly elevates the mood and promotes a positive outlook on life. Blueberry Diesel buds are fun to share at a party. Partaking in Blueberry Diesel promotes relaxed sociability, and the buds taste fantastic.


Writers, musicians, and artists love Blueberry Diesel for its ability to spark the imagination and encourage original thinking. Some consumers report a slightly psychedelic experience with mild visuals, making Blueberry Diesel a wonderful choice for painters, graphic designers, and craftspeople.


Although it leans slightly to the indica side, Blueberry Diesel makes an excellent wake-and-bake choice. Many fans of the strain say that smoking a little Blueberry Diesel helps them ease aches and soothe tension without making them drowsy. The sativa side seems to hit first, while classic indica effects settle in a bit later. The unique action also makes Blueberry Diesel highly effective for an afternoon pick-me-up.


With such a noteworthy flavor, it’s no wonder Blueberry Diesel causes the munchies. MMJ doctors often recommended the strain to their patients struggling with chemotherapy side effects like nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite.

Growing Blueberry Diesel

Blueberry Diesel plants grow well both indoors and in natural sunlight. However, the strain really thrives in a semi-tropical climate with temperatures ranging from the mid-70s to the low 80s. Growers can bring out purple and blue hues by exposing the plants to slightly lower temperatures to stimulate the anthocyanin pigments.

When treated with care, Blueberry Diesel plants produce extra-large, fluffy buds. You’ll have plenty of leftover trim to make tasty bubble hash or rosin at harvest time.


Blueberry Diesel plants adapt easily to a well-controlled indoor growing environment. Since the strain likes a subtropical climate, you’ll want to keep a close eye out for pests like whiteflies and mealybugs. 

A preventative treatment with a neem oil preparation every week or two should help keep them under control. Growers should make sure to apply the mixture at the beginning of the dark cycle. Neem can damage the plants if applied during sunlight hours. If you’re using a soil medium, you’ll need to avoid splashing the leaves with water to prevent molds and insect invasions.

Most Blueberry Diesel plants grow to around 4 to 6 feet, so you may want to top them at least once. The plants adapt well to low-stress training methods that will allow you to encourage lateral growth during the vegetative stage. You’ll also have to make sure you start your garden in a tall enough space to avoid getting too close to the lights. With the proper care, Blueberry Diesel produces indoor yields of around 15 ounces per square meter.


Blueberry Diesel plants do well outdoors, but some of the more lanky cultivars will need trellising for support, especially once they start flowering in around 8 weeks.

Outdoor yields average around 18 ounces per plant, and harvest time comes in late September or early October. If you live in a cooler climate, you may need to harvest earlier before the cold weather sets in.

Similar Strains

Blueberry Diesel has a lot in common with other sweet indica strains and diesel hybrids, such as:


Here’s what customers have to say about Blueberry Diesel:

  • “One of the best smelling/tasting buds in recent memory. A somewhat relaxing diesel high, which is very nice. If I had to choose 10 strains, this would be one of them.” – from allBud.
  • “I loved the way this strain made me feel. It put me straight in a “feel good” mood. It’s the perfect blend of head and body high.” – from Leafly.
  • “This strain is killer! It is very strong! Strong smell of blueberries even through a glass nug jar.”- from CannaSOS.
  • “Blueberry Diesel is all about the amazing blueberry taste, which comes out well when in the concentration or bud form. The high comes on slow, but sets in well.” – from
  • “I usually don’t like indica and even if I do, after a short time it stops working anyway. This was not like that at all. I’ll probably get some more later.” – from IHeartJane

Final Thoughts

Blueberry Diesel is one of the most popular strains for people looking for an outstanding flavor profile. The hybrid’s balanced genetics and effects make it a sought-after all-purpose strain. 

Growing both sun-grown and indoor Blueberry Diesel is relatively easy. If you coax her with low-stress training techniques and watch out for pests, Blueberry Diesel will reward you with a bountiful harvest you’ll want to repeat next season.

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