Deep Dives: An Honest Plain Jane CBD Review

Deep Dives: An Honest Plain Jane CBD Review

For most of the 20th century, cannabis cultivators had one goal in mind: maximize THC percentages. Ironically, now that hemp is federally legal, more 21st-century customers are getting interested in high-CBD flowers. Apparently, people want to enjoy all of those tasty terpenes without psychoactive side effects!

To meet this demand for smokable hemp, dozens of hemp flower companies have recently “sprouted up.” One such company is Oregon-based Plain Jane CBD. Although this business opened just a few years ago, it has gained a lot of press in the hemp smoking community. Indeed, fans of Plain Jane claim it offers the most comprehensive assortment of hemp flowers.

plain jane cbd review

If you’re interested in smoking or vaping hemp, then you should take a closer look at our Plain Jane CBD review. By the end of this post, you should have a clearer sense of all this company has to offer. 

What Is Plain Jane CBD? – A Brief Company Overview

Created in 2018, Plain Jane CBD is an up-in-coming name in America’s smokable hemp industry. According to Plain Jane’s website, this company is committed to providing Americans with easy access to sustainably-grown hemp. Although Plain Jane offers a wide assortment of CBD goods, it aims to be one of the leading smokable hemp providers in the USA.

In addition to its privately-owned farm, Plain Jane now works with 12 family-owned hemp farms in and around Southern Oregon. Every farm that Plain Jane works with must meet high standards for sustainable cultivation. Plain Jane also verifies every farmer they partner with is licensed with the Oregon Department of Agriculture.

Despite Plain Jane’s recent founding, it claims to have at least 75,000 happy customers in the USA. The company also prides itself on developing dozens of hemp cultivars and a “low-smell CBD cigarette.”

Just How Great Is Plain Jane’s Hemp Flower Catalog? 

As mentioned above, Plain Jane CBD is primarily focused on its hemp flower business. Indeed, the company’s homepage proudly proclaims Plain Jane has the “Best CBD Flower!” Since raw hemp flower is Plain Jane’s primary focus, it’s imperative to closely examine its strain offerings

plain jane cbd review

Currently, Plain Jane claims to have 20 hemp strains in its portfolio. While not every strain was grown outdoors, the company says all of their farmers use sustainable or regenerative practices. For full transparency, Plain Jane publishes third-party lab results on its official website.

In terms of quantity, you could buy between 3.5 g to 56 g of most strains on Plain Jane’s platform. Plus, there are now “Flower Sampler Packs” with 1 g samples of four different strains. 

To give you a clearer sense of Plain Jane’s offerings, here are a few of the company’s best-selling strains:


Elektra is arguably the most sought-after hybrid from the Pacific Northwest. Made with a blend of Early Resin Berry and ACDC, Elektra typically offers relaxing effects with an average of 20 percent CBD. 

elektra hemp flower

Anyone who’s looking for a soothing nighttime smoke might enjoy Plain Jane’s Elektra cultivar. According to Plain Jane, this strain has a relaxed vibe and a flavorful mix of earthiness and citrus.

If it’s your first-time trying Elektra, it’s a good idea to test it later in the day when you don’t have any big plans. Although Elektra isn’t supposed to be sedating, everyone reacts to CBD differently. Once you discover how Elektra affects you, you’ll know if it’s OK for use earlier in the day.

Stress Killer

Got stress? Get Plain Jane’s Stress Killer! With roughly 16 percent CBD content and a lovely lemony flavor, this bright strain could keep you motivated even on a drizzly day.

Not only is Stress Killer a breeze to smoke, it’s one of the simplest CBD strains to grow. Unlike many other hemp cultivars, Stress Killer has traces of Cannabis ruderalis

All strains infused with ruderalis have a set flowering schedule, which means they’re easier to grow than photoperiod-sensitive purebred strains. Just keep in mind that ruderalis plants tend to have lower cannabinoid counts than sativas or indicas.

CBG Hemp Flower

While most of Plain Jane’s strains have high CBD content, there’s one rare hemp hybrid worth special attention: CBG Hemp Flower!

Short for cannabigerol, CBG is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that’s most abundant in hemp’s early stages. Interestingly, as the hemp plant matures, most CBG molecules transform into either THC or CBD.

plain jane

Today, we don’t have a lot of data examining CBG’s effects on humans. However, a few preliminary trials suggest CBG might have phenomenal potential. For instance, some animal trials suggest CBG could positively affect IBS, glaucoma, and interstitial cystitis.

Anyone who loves experimenting with novel cannabinoids might want to look into Plain Jane’s CBG Hemp Flower. According to the company, this strain has a mild citrusy flavor and about 13 percent CBG content. As a bonus, Plain Jane also offers a CBG oil for those who prefer taking their cannabinoids sublingually.

Hawaiian Haze

If you’re familiar with recent cannabis history, you may have heard of the strain “Maui Wowie.” First created in the 1960s, this landrace “wowed” hippies with its ultra-high THC content. Thankfully for CBD smokers, the strain Hawaiian Haze has nothing to do with this hot marijuana landrace.

Indeed, Hawaiian Haze is most popular amongst partygoers who don’t want to get high. Thanks to this strain’s Haze genetics, you should feel a clear-headed sense of euphoria without paranoia. Anyone who’s looking for a mild energy boost might enjoy this tantalizing tropical treat. 

What The Heck Is A “Low-Smell CBD Cigarette?”

On top of its raw hemp strains, Plain Jane CBD is proud to offer a plethora of hemp pre-rolls. In fact, Plain Jane claims to have invented the world’s first “low-smell CBD cigarette.” 

Plain Jane says these special cigarettes won’t give off that distinctive cannabis smell. Thanks to a proprietary water curing procedure, these “hemp cigarettes” should keep your CBD smoke a secret.

In addition to traditional-looking menthol “hemp-ettes,” you’ll find joint-like hemp pre-rolls and luxurious high-CBD blunts on Plain Jane’s website. Most of these Plain Jane products are wrapped in alluring boxes that look incredibly similar to a standard pack of cigarettes. So, if you’re one of the many nicotine smokers switching to hemp cigarettes, be sure to review this catalog carefully. 

Does Plain Jane Offer CBD For Vapers?

Vapers aren’t Plain Jane’s target demographic, but you could find a few CBD cartridges on its website. Currently, Plain Jane only offers five CBD cartridge flavors, each of which contains 750 mg of e-juice. FYI: not all of these vape cartridges come with an included battery.

While the e-juice selection here is limited, please remember you could vape Plain Jane’s hemp flower in a dry herb vaporizer. However, please do not place Plain Jane’s CBD oils in your e-juice vaporizer!

Does Plain Jane CBD Offer Non-Smokable CBD Products? 

It’s no secret that Plain Jane focuses on raw hemp flowers. However, that doesn’t mean this company is a one-trick-pony. People interested in CBD extracts, topicals, or edibles will find many intriguing products on Plain Jane’s website.


For starters, Plain Jane offers full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate CBD oils. Customers who enjoy dabbing CBD could also find potent crumble and shatter extracts for purchase. There are even a few rare hemp concentrates like CBN and CBG in Plain Jane’s catalog. 

For those who enjoy edibles, Plain Jane only offers one bottle of CBD-infused gummies. However, you could use Plain Jane’s odorless CBD isolate powder or raw hemp flowers in your favorite hemp recipes.

As a final note: Plain Jane only uses ethanol extraction in all of its oils. Some customers complain ethanol doesn’t entirely remove chlorophyll, which could give these oils a nasty taste. Also, ethanol extraction requires a higher boiling point than other solvents, which means it could destroy a few delicate terpenes.

Does Plain Jane CBD Offer Wholesale Products?

Retailers who want premium hemp flowers are in luck; Plain Jane now offers a “Try Plain Jane” wholesale program. In addition to its “Retail Ready” products, Plain Jane offers crude CBD, distillate, and bulk hemp flowers. You could even sign up for a few CBD samples if you’re new to the hemp industry.

For more on Plain Jane’s wholesale options, be sure to visit the company’s Marketplace on this website.

What Is Plain Jane’s Shipping Policy?

Currently, Plain Jane will only ship its products to people living in the USA. Although Plain Jane doesn’t guarantee when you’ll get your package, it strives to ship orders no more than three business days after receiving payment.

As an incentive to customers, Plain Jane offers American customers free USPS shipping on purchases over $30. Customers could also opt for UPS service or Express shipping for an extra fee. 

As a word of warning: Plain Jane doesn’t claim to offer “stealth shipping.” Although hemp is federally legal per the 2018 Farm Bill, it’s common for authorities to mistake it for high-THC marijuana. Plus, there are a few states that don’t allow the sale of hemp or CBD. Since Plain Jane doesn’t offer stealthy shipping or insurance, customers will have to take on a bit of risk. 

Speaking of risk, Plain Jane has a strict refund policy. You could only send back sealed, unused goods within seven days of receiving your package. Even if your product meets these refund requirements, Plain Jane won’t reimburse your shipping fees. Plain Jane also says it doesn’t guarantee it will receive your package.

Is Plain Jane Legit? – Customer Reviews

Even though Plain Jane is a relatively new company, it has a ton of positive “street cred.” In fact, there are now almost 7,000 reviews for Plain Jane on Trustpilot. Impressively, 85 percent of Trustpilot reviewers give Plain Jane a perfect five-star rating.

Most of the customers who left positive ratings praised the quality of Plain Jane’s hemp flowers. Some of these reviewers raved about Plain Jane’s affordable prices.

On the negative side, some customers complained about Plain Jane’s shipping procedures. The majority of one-star ratings claimed they never received their products. 

Since Plain Jane doesn’t offer mailing insurance, it’s not technically liable for anything that happens to your products while in transit. Potential customers must seriously consider this risk, especially if they live in a state with stringent CBD laws.

If you’d like to see the full list of reviews for Plain Jane, be sure to click on this official Trustpilot page.

Are Plain Jane’s Buds The Best For You?

There’s a ton of buzz surrounding Plain Jane’s CBD buds, but that doesn’t mean they’re right for everyone. Obviously, hemp smokers are Plain Jane’s primary target. While Plain Jane offers a decent array of concentrates, it places most of its emphasis on smokable flowers. Also, please remember Plain Jane has quite stringent shipping & return policies. However, if you enjoy high-quality hemp goods and you understand Plain Jane’s shipping policies, there’s a good chance you’ll find an intriguing product on Plain Jane CBD.

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