Deep Dives: An Honest Cannaflower Review (formerly Berkshire CBD)

Deep Dives: An Honest Cannaflower Review (formerly Berkshire CBD)

Cannaflower™ (formerly Berkshire CBD) has become one of the most recognized brands in the boutique high-CBD hemp flower industry. The company offers a wide selection of “ultra-premium” hemp flowers and pre-rolls in designer bags and attractive tins.

Does Cannaflower™ live up to its name as a luxury hemp flower brand, or is it all just pretty packaging? Let’s take a closer look.

About Cannaflower / Berkshire CBD

Formerly Berkshire CBD, Cannaflower™ started offering its premium hemp flower at the beginning of the CBD boom. These days the company supplies more than 300 boutique stores with its luxury-grade products. Based in Vermont, Cannaflower™ adheres to organic farming practices and operates in full compliance with federal and local regulations.

Cannaflower Premium Hemp Flower

Cannaflower™ offers premium hemp flower in a variety of sun-grown and indoor strains. Each batch of buds is organically grown, slow-cured for 60-days, and expertly hand-trimmed. Customers can also purchase economically-priced shake for making edibles or extracts.

Cannaflower™’s hemp flower line features a host of popular high-CBD strains, such as:

Additionally, Cannaflower™ adds exclusive hybrids like Sour Dog and White CBG to their low-THC flower selection. The company also sells collections of hemp flower strains grouped by effect, including:

Customers looking to sample several strains can purchase one of Cannaflower™’s four-strain Taster’s Menus.

Other CBD Products Offered By Cannaflower

CBD Pre-Rolls

Smokers who want a convenient way to light up can take advantage of Cannaflower™’s hemp pre-rolls, which are available in either individual strains or custom blends. Cannaflower™ organizes its custom blends according to effects and sells them in handy tins containing five pre-rolls of one gram each. Customers can choose from four different hemp pre-roll blends, such as:

Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

Cannaflower™ offers a trio of full-spectrum CBD oils for consumers who prefer extracts. Each oil features a single strain of hemp and a natural, chocolate-mint flavor. Similar to their collections and pre-rolls, Cannaflower™’s CBD oils are formulated to produce specific effects, including:

  • Rest: An evening formula for a good night’s sleep
  • Calm: Combat stress while staying focused and alert
  • Relief: Ease aches and pains at the end of the day

Cannaflower Website

Cannaflower™’s website is exquisitely composed with colorful, professional photos and whimsical product descriptions. All of the text is presented in large font with plenty of white space, which is easy on older eyes and translates well to mobile devices. 

Cannaflower™’s navigation is intuitive and allows customers to search according to the cultivation method, effect, aroma, or strain. The company obviously hired an expert to handle its blog, which is packed full of useful information backed by scientific studies.

Cannaflower Customer Service

Cannaflower™ maintains an impeccable customer service record, which is exemplified in a host of positive comments from satisfied buyers. US Reviews gave the company a perfect score across the board for outstanding performance in the Ordering, Service, Pricing, and Delivery categories.

Although Trustpilot still calls the company Berkshire CBD, the site has published several interesting comments on Cannaflower™’s customer service, such as:

  • “I can’t stress enough how awesome they are. They ship almost immediately, I get it fast, and they always answer emails in a timely manner.” - Della.
  • “Best CBD Company around and I have ordered through dozens until I found Berkshire.” - Daniel Lewis.
  • “Fast shipping, Quality Product. Great communication as well! Overall an A+. - Luke DeGelso.

Google Reviews feature an abundance of equally praiseful reviews of Cannaflower™’s customer service along with an overall 4.7-star rating.

Cannaflower™ ships their hemp products in double-bagged, heat-sealed opaque mylar bags inside standard USPS boxes with neutral labels to protect their customers’ privacy and security. Unfortunately, Cannaflower™ maintains a no-returns policy, and all sales are final. However, the company will field complaints on an individual basis and attempt to find a solution to legitimate customer concerns.

Cannaflower Reviews

The internet is overflowing with positive Cannaflower™ reviews.

  • Cannaflower™’s version of OG Kush earned 1st Place in’s list of best Indica CBD Strains.
  • The company maintains a 5-star rating on
  • LoudCloud included Cannaflower™’s Lift Pre-Rolls in its list of the8 Best CBD Pre-Rolls That Will Brighten Your Day and Night.
  • Knoji reports a rating of 4.5/5 from an average of several online reviews.
  • gave the company a 4.7/5 rating in an older Cannaflower™ review from when the organization was still Berkshire CBD.

Cannaflower™ Coupon Codes And Discounts

Buyers can access coupon codes for deep discounts on Cannaflower™ products through several online sites.

  • New email subscribers receive an immediate $5 discount on their next order.
  • Customers can earn a 30% discount with the coupon code GRATEFUL.
  • Remedy Deals offers a whopping 70% discount with the CANNAFIVE coupon code.

Cannaflower For Wholesalers

Cannaflower™ partners exclusively with businesses that have brick-and-mortar locations. The company offers qualifying wholesale partners low minimum order quantities and rapid turn around time. Potential partners can receive a Cannaflower™ wholesale catalog by submitting a wholesale application.

Cannaflower™ also runs a robust affiliate program featuring a 20% commission, 60-day cookies, and a range of graphic assets. Individuals who would like to participate in Cannaflower™’s affiliate program can submit an application through ShareASale.

Conclusion: Should You Try Cannaflower?

Cannaflower™ consistently provides high-quality organic hemp flower and outstanding customer service. The company offers an abundance of strains, and their top-notch website makes ordering a breeze. Cannaflower™’s branded packages and pre-roll tins make fantastic gifts or simply a convenient way to make yourself feel special.

The no-returns policy can be a bit off-putting for some customers, but the brand has an excellent track record for quality control. Overall, we can’t think of any reason not to try Cannaflower™ for your next CBD hemp flower purchase.

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