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There is a tangible excitement about the future of the cannabis industry in North America. As more and more states are making it legal and federal legalization now seems closer than ever, there is a lot of scope in starting a cannabis business.

Having spent so many years in obscurity and misinformation, proper marketing of cannabis products relies heavily on accurate and in-depth education. If you own a marijuana or CBD business, a cannabis writer can help you gain visibility, educate your audience and generate new leads.

The cannabis industry presents marketers with a challenge that is not often met in other fields. Although general opinion is swayed towards a more positive outlook on cannabis, products derived from the marijuana plant are banned from traditional media and even Google itself. This is where digital marketing and laser-focused cannabis content writing come into play.

Most of the cannabis industry products are new to the market. Although cannabis was always a popular product, it was until very recently, package-less and brandless. Nowadays, cannabis brands have to educate a whole generation of potential consumers who are not opposing the idea of using it, but need proper education to do so.

Answering the questions of your audience and guiding them along the sales funnel is a crucial step of your cannabis business. No matter whether your business falls into the plant-touching (cannabis dispensaries/wholesalers) or the non-plant touching (accessories/seeds/headshops), a proper digital marketing content strategy is important. Check out my services below.


Cannabis Content writing Services

Product Reviews

As the legal cannabis market grows, thousands of new products enter the market every day, promising to change the way we consume and grow cannabis. Detailed reviews, product descriptions and guides about them can help your audience make more informed decisions, increasing trust and consumer engagement.

Business Writing

The cannabis industry is one of the fastest growing sectors of the United States economy. As your business expands, so does your need for better and more efficient B2C and B2B communications. Focus on the day-to-day and let me take care of your increasing copy needs, from sales letters to business emails.

Cannabis Content Marketing

Cannabis is used for recreational and medicinal purposes. In both cases, informative content and proper search engine optimization can drastically improve the rankings of your website. By doing targeted keyword research using cutting-edge tools, I can develop expert cannabis content, lifestyle articles and grow guides that will answer your audience’s questions and rank on search engines.

Cannabis Search Engine Optimization

Even the best content will get you nowhere without a solid SEO strategy to support it. That’s a universal truth of the content marketing world. Developing cannabis content should be done with a quantifiable and data-driven plan in mind. Using a wide array of SEO tools, I can help you define your cannabis SEO content strategy.

Cannabis Link Building

Getting links back to your website content is paramount to its success. For Google, backlinks work as “votes of confidence” that signal a trustworthy and authoritative domain. The stronger your domain, the better the chance of ranking for your target terms. Get in touch to learn more about my cannabis marketing services.

Cannabis Copywriting

Develop landing pages and sales pages based on high-ROI keywords. I can help you formulate a viable on-page optimization process from ideation and initial keyword research, to the planning of an editorial calendar. Use cannabis content marketing to your advantage and attract potential customers organically.


Why choose me as your cannabis writer

The goal of is to empower clients and businesses and drive user engagement through factual information. As a content writer with ample experience in many fronts, I can write high-quality cannabis content following SEO best practices and accurate keyword metrics. Contact me if you want to learn more about how I can help you with blog content or on-page optimization.



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How can a cannabis Writer Help You

WeedCopywriter started on October 2017 by content writer George Mouratidis. The goal was to provide a bespoke cannabis content writing service for brands in the legal cannabis industry.

Cannabis is the fastest growing industry in the US and Canada. New companies are sprouting every day, creating a highly competitive online market. As a freelance cannabis writer, my role is two-fold:

  • To empower consumers

  • Increase the authority of your domain by following SEO best practices.

According to research, approximately 80% of consumers do internet research before purchasing. Knowledge is even more important when it comes to cannabis brands, since a large chunk of prospective customers are not familiar with the products.

With cannabis legalization showing no signs of stopping, it is expected that the competition will only continue to grow. A solid cannabis SEO content writing strategy offers a great way for cannabis businesses to grow organically and set themselves apart of the competition. Read my article below to learn more about how you can benefit from original cannabis content writing and on-page optimization via proper keyword research.

Who can benefit from cannabis content marketing?

My services are suitable for:

  • Cannabis publications

  • Dispensaries

  • Hemp growing and processing facilities

  • CBD product wholesalers

  • Marketing and web design agencies

  • News outlets

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