Deep Dives: Pure Hemp Farms Review

Deep Dives: Pure Hemp Farms Review

Is Pure Hemp Farms legit? Now that anyone in North America could legally buy and sell CBD, shopping for high-quality hemp flowers can be a hassle. While there are many reputable CBD vendors online, customers have to be wary of the many “rotten apples” trying to take advantage of this new industry. Until the FDA steps in with clear guidelines, it’s up to consumers to verify their favorite hemp companies are making good on their promises. 

Pure Hemp Farms is one of the many online CBD businesses that has seen a significant surge in demand since the 2018 US Farm Bill passed. While this eCommerce company talks a good game, many customers are curious whether it lives up to its lofty claims. Upon closer inspection, CBD fans may be surprised by the products Pure Hemp Farms has to offer. 

What Do We Know About Pure Hemp Farms? 

Right off the bat, it’s worth highlighting that Pure Hemp Farms wasn’t one of the many companies created after the 2018 US Farm Bill passed. Pure Hemp Farms says it has been selling small-batch hemp flowers since 2015. This early entry into the hemp market strongly suggests Pure Hemp Farms isn’t in the bud biz for a quick buck.

To this day, Pure Hemp Farms stands by its commitment to growing high-quality organic hemp strains in Oregon’s Rogue Valley. Farmers who work for Pure Hemp Farms never use pesticides, contaminants, or harsh synthetics. Company executives also claim that their hand-trimmed hemp flowers go through a slow-curing process to intensify terpene and cannabinoid potency. 

While Pure Hemp Farms doesn’t place as much of an emphasis on CBD education, it does have a blog dedicated to sharing timely hemp info. 

The Top Products On Pure Hemp Farms

The star of Pure Hemp Farms’ portfolio is its smokable hemp flower catalog. While Pure Hemp Farms doesn’t offer the most comprehensive assortment of hemp strains, it has at least nine famous CBD-rich hybrids, each of which comes packaged in a colorfully designed box. A few of the most popular CBD strains on Pure Hemp Farms’ site include the following:

No matter which hemp strain you select, you could choose from four sizes ranging from 3.5 g and 28 g. At this time, Pure Hemp Farms doesn’t offer sampler packs, so you will have to choose one strain at a time. 

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If CBD hemp flowers aren’t your bag, Pure Hemp Farms has a few other products worth checking out. For instance, you could now find CBG or delta 8 THC-rich hemp flowers on Pure Hemp Farms’ website. You could also buy a packet of convenient CBD hemp pre-rolls, CBD vape carts, or delta 8 THC e-juices from Pure Hemp Farms. 

Lastly, Pure Hemp Farms recently dipped its toes into the edibles space with a 70 percent dark CBD chocolate bar. However, customers most interested in concentrates, edibles, or oils will find this company’s current product line lacking. 

FYI: All of Pure Hemp Farms’ products could be purchased in bulk. Any retailers interested in adding wholesale hemp to their stores may want to check out Pure Hemp Farms’ wholesale offerings

What Are CBD Fans Saying About Pure Hemp Farms?

Judging by the reviews on Pure Hemp Farms’ site, customers can’t get enough of this company’s frosty hemp nugs. However, it’s always tricky to gauge how customers genuinely feel from a company’s official website. What company wants to look bad on its site, right?

Unfortunately, there’s not a ton of press surrounding Pure Hemp Farms in the hemp flower blogosphere. However, a few YouTube reviews claim Pure Hemp Farms’ pre-rolls have noticeable mellowing effects. 

On the downside, some Reddit threads question Pure Hemp Farms’ lab testing procedures. While this is purely speculation, a couple of Redditors claim Pure Hemp Farms has “sketchy” COAs. There are also a few questions surrounding Pure Hemp Farms’ relation to the company Organic CBD Nugs. 

Again, these online reviews are still largely speculation; however, it would be nice to hear from Pure Hemp Farms directly. 

Does Pure Hemp Farms Offer Discounts and Coupons?

Unlike many other CBD companies, Pure Hemp Farms isn’t super aggressive in the discounts department. To be fair, Pure Hemp Farms offers a 10 percent discount on first-time purchases if you sign up for their email list. Pure Hemp Farms also offers free shipping on all orders over $100. 

The best way to stay up-to-date on any deals related to Pure Hemp Farms is to sign up for the company’s official newsletter. Retailers could also buy Pure Hemp Farms’ products in bulk by becoming a wholesale partner

Pure Hemp Farms Legal Compliance 

Pure Hemp Farms guarantees all of its products meet the guidelines in the 2018 US Farm Bill. Whether you’re purchasing one of Pure Hemp Farms’ flowers, edibles, or vape carts, it should contain ≤ 0.3 percent delta 9 THC. The company also claims it screens for heavy metals, contaminants, and mold before shipping its products. 

To verify all of Pure Hemp Farms’ claims, customers could review the company’s third-party lab reports online. Pure Hemp Farms also includes these COAs with each product it sends to customers.

So, Is Pure Hemp Farms The Real Deal?

Smokable hemp may be going mainstream, but that doesn’t mean companies need to comply with FDA guidelines. No matter how big a company’s brand name is, customers should take the time to carefully evaluate all the info available on their CBD business.

In the case of Pure Hemp Farms, the most recent data suggests this company has a lot of promise. True, Pure Hemp Farms doesn’t have the greatest selection of hemp strains, but it doesn’t appear to be a phony CBD company. Most online testimonials claim Pure Hemp Farms offers fragrant and frosty buds, and the company’s third-party lab tests support these testimonials. 

Pure Hemp Farms isn’t the best first choice if you’re most interested in hemp concentrates or edibles. However, customers looking for smokable hemp flowers or vape carts may enjoy browsing this Oregon farm’s online catalog. 

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