Cannabis Strain Guides: Pineapple Kush Strain Review

Cannabis Strain Guides: Pineapple Kush Strain Review

Indica-dominant Pineapple Kush is a rare treat for seasoned herb-lovers when it shows up on dispensary shelves. A northern California original, Pineapple Kush can be difficult to find outside of the state. The strain features a distinctive herbal flavor and a powerful ability to impart both strong cerebral effects and profound physical relaxation. Novice cannabis consumers often confuse Pineapple Kush with Pineapple Express, a strain made famous by a comedic stoner movie with the same name.

Where To Buy Pineapple Kush


Expert breeders in California’s Emerald Triangle originated Pineapple Kush by crossing Pineapple with Master Kush. The result is a robust indica-dominant hybrid with a 70:30 indica-to-sativa ratio. Pineapple Kush has become legendary for its combination of heavy sedative and euphoric effects. Pineapple Kush hybrids typically produce THC levels ranging around 17-22%.


Pineapple Kush’s sativa-dominant father gives the hybrid its characteristic tropical fruit flavor and diesel aroma. Breeders finally perfected the Pineapple strain after decades of experimenting with inbreeding Ed Rosenthal’s Super Bud (ERSB).

Master Kush

Pineapple Kush gets its more exotic herbal flavors and strong couch-lock effect from its mother, Master Kush. Amsterdam’s Dutch White Label Seed Company bred the original Master Kush from two indica landrace strains they brought back directly from the Hindu Kush region. 


Pineapple Kush typically produces deep green buds with rust-brown hairs. However, growers can coax the buds to exhibit lighter pineapple-like hues with careful drying and curing.

Aroma and Flavor

Anyone who has ever tried genuine Pineapple Kush will never forget its distinct taste and aroma. A pronounced sweet pineapple flavor mixes with caramel and vanilla notes and finishes with a slightly minty aftertaste. 

Effects of Pineapple Kush

The effects of Pineapple Kush typically begin with an intense cerebral high, followed by deep physical relaxation. MMJ physicians recommend Pineapple Kush for anxiety, depression, nausea, and chronic pain.


Pineapple Kush makes one of the best strains for easing aches and pains. The first part of the effects can be motivational, but they soon turn into couch-locking physical relaxation. Pineapple Kush makes a fantastic after-dinner strain for enjoying the evening before drifting off to sleep.

Appetite Stimulant

You’re guaranteed to get the munchies when you partake of Pineapple Kush. Consumers should keep some healthy snacks nearby to be prepared when the initial buzz starts waning.


Pineapple Kush is oddly uplifting for such strong indica genetics, which is one of the reasons the strain has become so famous. Pineapple Kush’s sativa-dominant father gives the hybrid just enough energizing effects to create an uplifting and inspirational vibe. 

Growing Pineapple Kush

Growers lucky enough to locate some Pineapple Kush seeds are in for a real treat. 

The strain makes an excellent garden addition for intermediate or advanced growers. Although Pineapple Kush is relatively easy to cultivate, the plants can benefit from an experienced hand to encourage higher trichome production and yield.

Where to Search For Pineapple Kush Seeds

Pineapple Kush tends to need a little extra nitrogen in the vegetative stage to develop properly. Growers should take extra care after harvesting to get the most color and flavor out of Pineapple Kush buds. Drying the flowers at a slightly higher temperature than usual will entice the buds to produce appealing light green and yellow hues. 


Unless you live in a Mediterranean climate, you may be much better off growing Pineapple Kush indoors. Indoor growing will also allow gardeners to control all the environmental conditions necessary to get maximum terpene and cannabinoid production. Pineapple Kush responds well to aggressive pruning and topping, which you may want to do more than once during the vegetative stage. Indoor flowering generally occurs between 65-75 days, depending on the time you switch the light cycle. 


Pineapple Kush prefers a warm, sunny climate when grown outdoors, so the strain may not be suitable for frost-prone zones. However, Pineapple Kush plants can grow up to five-feet tall under natural sunlight when cultivated under the right conditions. Patient Pineapple Kush growers will be rewarded with an especially high yield at harvest time toward the end of September.

Similar Strains

Pineapple Kush has a lot in common with its Kush ancestors. Some similar strains include:


  • “Don’t get me started on the terps and aroma. I almost ate it raw instead of smoking it.” – Johnny_Crystals at AllBud.
  • “This is by far one of my favorite strains. The high is incredible—It is the perfect balance of a head and body high.” – Reviewer from Leafly.
  •  Voters on gave Pineapple Kush a 4.15/5.

Final Thoughts

If you run into Pineapple Kush at your local dispensary, make sure you pick some up. The opportunity to try this legendary strain doesn’t come around often. Experienced gardeners with a bit of extra grow space shouldn’t miss the chance to add Pineapple Kush to their repertoire. You’ll be glad you did, and so will your herb-loving friends!

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