Deep Dives: An Honest Seedsman Review

Deep Dives: An Honest Seedsman Review

When cultivators talk about their favorite online seed banks, Seedsman frequently enters the conversation. For over a decade, this European seed bank has been the “one-stop seed shop” for countless cannabis enthusiasts. But does that mean Seedsman is the right choice for you? Keep reading to find out what makes Seedsman such a successful seed bank.

What Is Seedsman Seed Bank? – Basic Company Info

Headquartered in Barcelona, Seedsman is an online seed bank that went live in 2003. Although Seedsman breeds a few cultivars in-house, it’s best known for selling hundreds of strains from partner seed banks. To date, over 60 seed banks in North America and Europe sell their seeds through Seedsman’s platform.

Despite its “big box status,” Seedsman still considers itself a champion of the “little guy.” Indeed, Seedsman’s primary mission statement is to help cultivators “preserve cannabis genetics for future generations.” On top of that, Seedsman actively promotes recreational and medical cannabis legislation.

According to Seedsman, a portion of every sale goes to charitable organizations dedicated to cannabis legalization. A few groups that Seedsman supports include the Medical Cannabis Bike Tour,, and the Beckley Foundation.

What Are Seedsman’s Top Selling Seeds?

What sets Seedsman apart from the competition is its remarkable quantity of cannabis seeds. In addition to Seedsman’s in-house strains, the company boasts hundreds of hot seeds from over 65 highly-regarded seed banks. Here are just a few of the legendary brands now available through Seedsman’s catalog:

  • Sensi Seeds
  • Barney’s Farm
  • Buddha Seeds
  • Cali Connection
  • Royal Queen Seeds

In total, there are now 1,500 different cultivars in Seedsman’s catalog. These seeds include autoflowering, regular, high-CBD, and feminized strains. So, even if you’ve had difficulty ordering seeds directly from another seed bank, chances are Seedsman could help you out.

At this point, you’re probably wondering if all of Seedsman’s cannabis seeds are high-quality. After all, what’s the point of having a large selection of strains if none of them flower!

Although most customers don’t report issues with this company’s seed quality, please remember that Seedsman is the “middleman” in most transactions. This means Seedsman doesn’t personally inspect every seed that passes through its website. It’s also worth noting that Seedsman doesn’t offer a germination guarantee with its seeds.

To be fair, you could find a detailed Germination Grow Guide on Seedsman’s official website. Also, Seedsman offers possible reimbursement for seeds that arrive damaged or fail to germinate. If you send Seedsman detailed pictures, order info, and growing details, there’s a chance you could receive a refund.

To give you a sense of Seedsman’s unique offerings, let’s briefly run through some of the company’s best-selling cultivars:

White Widow Feminized

Named for its dense coating of trichomes, White Widow consistently ranks as one of Seedsman’s most popular strains. According to most reports, this indica-leaning hybrid was first created in the 1990s with traces of Brazilian sativa and South Indian indica. Today, tokers from Amsterdam to Anaheim praise this strain’s short flowering time, phenomenal THC percentage, and well-balanced high.

The feminized White Widow seeds on Seedsman typically flower within eight weeks. Although this short strain is well-suited for beginner growers, anyone new to high-THC strains should approach White Widow with caution.

CBD Shark Shock Feminized

As demand for CBD increases year-on-year, Seedsman has begun dipping its toes in the world of high-CBD cultivars. To date, the company’s best-selling high-CBD strain is an indica-heavy hybrid known as CBD Shark Shock. Created with a blend of Remedy and Mr. Nice’s Shark Shock, this novel strain has fruity aromatics and an equal mix of CBD-to-THC.

While CBD Shark Shock might not produce a “shocking” high, it’s branded as a relaxing strain well-suited for new tokers. As a bonus, this strain’s indica genetics make it effortless to cultivate indoors in about eight weeks.

Original Skunk #1 Feminized

Few hybrids have had as big of an influence on modern cannabis history as Skunk #1. First developed in the 1960s, this dank hybrid was created with a mix of the legendary landraces Acapulco Gold, Mexican Sativa, and Columbian Gold. Although Skunk #1 is often used to make other hybrids, it offers a potent sativa high on its own.

Anyone who loves “cheesy” smokes with energizing effects might want to look into Seedsman’s Skunk #1 feminized seeds. According to the company, these seeds have an average THC content of 15 percent and reach flowering within nine weeks.

Sugar Haze Regular

Tokers who love “wake and bake” strains can’t pass on Seedsman’s contribution to the Haze lineage: Sugar Haze. Made with a blend of Columbian Santa Marta and Original Haze, Sugar Haze has all the energizing effects you’d expect from a sativa-rich Haze strain. While this strain tastes “sugar-sweet,” it’s not a “sweet” choice for newbie tokers. Please only try this strain once you have some experience with sativa-rich cultivars.

Typically, Sugar Haze takes about nine weeks to reach flowering and produces buds with 23 percent THC content. Please remember: there’s only a 50 percent chance regular seeds will be female. Always check the nodes on your Sugar Haze plants to make sure they’re not males. 

CBD Critical Mass Feminized

Like CBD Shark Shock, CBD Critical Mass is one of Seedsman’s top-selling high-CBD cultivars. Interestingly, this indica-leaning strain tends to grow tall and thin like a sativa in the vegetative stage. If you want to cultivate this strain indoors, you should know basic training techniques like LST.

Thankfully, it only takes about eight weeks for CBD Critical Mass to yield exquisite buds that give off rich, honey-sweet aromatics. As with other high-CBD strains, you should expect mellow, relaxing effects when smoking your Critical Mass buds.

Where Does Seedsman Send Their Seeds? – Seedsman’s Shipping Policy

Another positive for Seedsman is that it offers stealthy shipping worldwide. Seedsman gets around restrictive marijuana laws by selling its seeds as “collector’s items.” So, even if you have difficulty ordering seeds from another seed bank, you may be able to buy them through Seedsman’s server.

Because Seedsman is headquartered in Spain, European customers should expect a speedier turnaround (~ 3 – 14 business days). By contrast, anyone who lives in North America or Australia might have to wait 25 – 35 business days for their package to arrive. Seedsman says it tries its best to send orders out within five working days after receiving payment.

Even though Seedsman offers its seeds worldwide, it doesn’t automatically provide “delivery insurance” on your order. Although you don’t need insurance, please remember that Seedsman isn’t liable for any uninsured packages that get lost or stolen. Before buying anything on Seedsman’s platform, please verify the company offers delivery insurance in your country.

Once your order has shipped, you should receive a tracking number via email to keep tabs on your package. To evade the prying eyes of pesky postal workers, Seedsman often sends seeds inside DVD cases. 

What Is Seedsman’s Payment Policy?

Seedsman accepts a wide range of payment methods, but it prefers Bitcoin. Indeed, Seedsman loves Bitcoin so much that it offers generous discounts to customers who use this cryptocurrency. You might also get a few free seeds as a “thank you” for buying with Bitcoin.

However, you don’t need to set up a crypto wallet to order via Seedsman. Other viable payment options include cash, bank transfers, Visa or MasterCard, and check.

Does Seedsman Offer Wholesale Seeds?

Currently, Seedsman offers various wholesale opportunities for clients in the UK and Europe. Those interested in paying with British Pounds should visit For people living in the European Union, be sure to visit

Seedsman Coupon Codes And Discounts

If you’re interested in dank deals, here’s some good news: Seedsman isn’t stingy with its sales! This company continually updates its current offerings on social media and its official Promos page. So, if you want to save some “green” on your green, it’s a good idea to check these webpages. 

Plus, Seedsman has a popular loyalty program where returning customers could earn points. Currently, customers will get one point for every Euro they spend on Seedsman’s platform. Once you have 50 loyalty points, you could take one Euro off of your total Seedsman purchase.

Plus, don’t forget that Seedsman offers exceptional discounts for customers who pay with Bitcoin.

Seedsman Coupon Code

You can also use our exclusive Seedsman coupon code: 20AS-033675 for a 10% discount!

What Do Customers Have To Say About Seedsman?

Now that you know what Seedsman is all about, you might be wondering what people have to say about this company. Well, according to the review platform TrustPilot, Seedsman has a sterling reputation in the cannabis cultivation community.

Today, the average TrustPilot score for Seedsman is 4.2 out of 5. Impressively, over 70 percent of the 16,200 reviews on TrustPilot gave Seedsman a perfect five-star rating. Seedsman’s customer service reps also left messages by many TrustPilot comments. 

While not as extensive as its TrustPilot page, Seedsman has an average score of 4.1 out of 5 on its Facebook profile. Also, a few prominent YouTubers like Magic Mike’s Meds and The Kush Man gave Seedsman positive reviews. 

To give you a better sense of how customers are responding to Seedsman, here are a few recent reviews on TrustPilot:

IpeWooD in the USA writes: “Had a small issue and the only one ever after years of worry free I emailed them about the small issue and Siobhan took care of the issue with nothing but kind words and resolve like a boss :)”

Another customer named James wrote: “I was alot happier with this experience. This is the 3rd or 4th time I have ordered from Seedsman. In the past I was expecting feminized seeds when I received auto flowering seeds. I have no use for auto flowering seeds. This time around everything I ordered and everything u sent me free was actually all correct. Thank you.” 

You could read thousands of Seedsman reviews on TrustPilot by clicking on this webpage.

Is Seedsman’s Customer Service High-Quality?

No matter how great a seed bank is, there’s always a risk involved when ordering seeds online. Customers need to know their company has a robust customer care division to handle shipping problems. 

Thankfully, since Seedsman is such a large company, it has a highly responsive customer service department. Whether you choose to call or email Seedsman, you should hear from a representative within one to two workdays. Just keep in mind that Seedsman’s customer service reps can’t offer cultivation advice if you’re in a country where recreational marijuana is illegal.

As evidenced by the company’s TrustPilot reviews, Seedsman’s customer service goes out of its way to assist guests with an issue. That being said, please remember Seedsman doesn’t have to refund uninsured orders. 

Final Verdict: Does Seedsman Reign Supreme?

It’s not hard to understand why Seedsman is so successful. You’d be hard-pressed to find another online seed bank that offers as many seeds as those in Seedsman’s catalog. Customers who use Seedsman’s user-friendly platform also enjoy promos, worldwide shipping, and superior customer service.

On the downside, Seedsman can’t provide the same quality assurance as smaller seed bank vendors. Plus, Seedsman doesn’t guarantee germination with its seeds. Although most customers enjoy working with Seedsman, you might want to work directly with vendors if you’re looking for high-quality, artisan-grade seeds.

Bottom line: if you prefer working directly with the seed bank you’re buying from, you might not like Seedsman’s “Amazon-like” model. However, those who want a convenient shopping experience—or who can’t find their preferred seeds on another platform—will probably enjoy ordering from Seedsman’s website. 

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