Great Ganja Gadgets — Best Weed Accessories For Cannabis Fans

Great Ganja Gadgets — Best Weed Accessories For Cannabis Fans

However you prefer your pot, you should strive to make your experience as pleasurable as possible. After all, what’s the point of smoking dank buds if you’re going to get annoyed? 

Best Weed Accessories

Thankfully, there are plenty of weed accessories that make rolling, pressing, and dabbing super simple. While these tools may not be “essential,” they can make your cannabis sesh way more convenient. Anyone serious about weed should consider adding these items to their THC toolkit.

For Pete’s Sake, Get A Good Grinder!

Nowadays, there’s no excuse for grinding buds with scissors or your fingers. If you haven’t done so already, please invest in a high-quality weed grinder. 

While you don’t have to splurge on an ultra-high-end Phoenician, you also don’t want to get a cheap plastic unit that will break or gunk up fast. At the very least, you should get a three-piece grinder set that has a decent kief catcher. A good grinder should become a trusty cannabis companion for years, so please take your time evaluating each unit’s durability, portability, and ease of cleaning.

Spread The Love With A Steel Kief Pollen Scraper 

Please don’t handle your weed with your hands! Instead, grab a stainless steel kief pollen scraper for efficient loading, packing, and filling. 

With one of these tiny scoopers, you don’t have to worry about your fingers getting all sticky. Not only will this make packing more pleasurable, but it will also help preserve precious terpenes and cannabinoids. Instead of those trichomes rubbing off on your fingers, these steel scoopers will keep your cannabinoids intact for max potency. 

Leave No Trace (of THC) — Try A Smell-Proof Weed Deodorizer 

Unfortunately, not everyone is in love with the earthy musk of OG Kush. Even in recreationally legal states, you may notice suspicious glances if you’re in the wrong place with the “wrong” scent. 

Thankfully, many companies are formulating “coverup colognes” that help mask MJ’s aromatics. Be sure to keep one of these spray bottles on hand for occasions you don’t want others to know you’ve been smoking. Be sure your deodorizing spray works on clothes, car interiors, and home furniture for extra protection. 

Forget Hair Straighteners, Get A Hi-Tech Rosin Press!

Rosin is all the rage on cannabis social media—and for many good reasons! Not only is it easy to make rosin at home, it carries zero risk of solvent exposure. 

The most common way to make rosin at home is to place cannabis buds in parchment paper and squeeze them with a hair straightener. While this DIY method works fine, it’s nowhere near as efficient (or safe!) as using a hi-tech rosin press like NugSmasher. 

If you’re someone who loves making flavorful concentrates, a professional rosin press will save you time and aggravation. Plus, since these machines were designed to press cannabis rosin, you’re bound to get more concentrate per bud than with a hair straightener. 

Add Safety To Your Dabbing With An E-Nail

We get it; every dabber looks like a boss with a blowtorch. But even if you’ve got years of dabbing experience, there’s always a risk of a fiery mess. Plus, using a blowtorch is loud, cumbersome, and inefficient. 

The best way to enhance the safety of your dabbing sessions is to invest in an e-nail. These hi-tech nails have built-in coils that quickly ramp up to your preferred temperature. With a high-quality e-nail, you could control your dabbing experience without the risk of a fire hazard. 

Tickle Your Tastebuds With Flavored Joint Paper

Flavor chasers have plenty of ways to add nuanced notes to their cannabis experience. Not only are there countless new hybrids to try, there are also dozens of flavored joint papers on the market. 

Sure, these joint papers will influence the flavor of your cannabis strain…but that’s the point! From fresh mint and pine to candy canes and citrus, there’s no shortage of flavored joint papers to try. These accessories are an excellent option for people who love experimenting with wild terpene combinations, especially in a relaxed party setting. 

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