A Rising Star In The CBD Industry: Colorado Breeders Depot Company Spotlight

A Rising Star In The CBD Industry: Colorado Breeders Depot Company Spotlight

As even their owners will acknowledge, Colorado Breeders Depot has been flying “under the radar” for the last few years. Located in Cañon City, Colorado, the company operates an extensive indoor and greenhouse growing operation that is well known among those who have sourced feminized and non-feminized seeds from the company and collaborated to grow their own hemp farming operations, as well as a faithful and growing following of CBD hemp flower connoisseurs. 

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About Colorado Breeders Depot

Colorado Breeders Depot, who many customers refer to as “CBD” for their name/acronym, has been in full operation since 2018. The three owners brought varying backgrounds to the table: with John in cannabis farming and genetics, Leo in smoke-shops and retail, and Abid in the wellness  and healthcare industry.

They added Sunny Montoya, their Sales Director, who joined the CBD team with a background working with at-risk teens and veterans and a growing passion for using hemp cannabinoids like CBD to combat issues she noticed in these populations. 

What became clear to all of them as they started the company and began to collaborate was a shared passion for CBD hemp flower and CBD products. They also found a common vision to grow the industry and promote the medicinal/healing/therapeutic benefits of this amazing plant and bring the commercial and ecological benefits of CBD hemp flower to the farming community at large. 

Company Profile

For Colorado Breeders Depot, connecting customers with high-quality hemp is way more than a “business”—it’s a labor of love. In fact, one of the main reasons Sales Director Sunny Montoya joined Colorado Breeders Depot’s team was to promote hemp’s immense healing potential. Montoya openly talks about using hemp cannabinoids like CBD to combat issues he noticed in at-risk teens and veterans. 

In Montoya’s words, “I was so inspired by the idea of working for a company where I could promote a plant and work towards reversing misunderstandings that had placed so many of my boys in terrible situations. My time working with the veterans’ community in the National Guard gave me a unique view on PTSD and chronic pain issues that plague soldiers and veterans.” Montoya firmly believes hemp has an “almost magical potential” to “[care] for the earth and [care] for people.” It’s this passion for superior customer care that fuels Colorado Breeders Depot’s cultivation and manufacturing departments.

Considering the surge in demand for its products, there’s no question Colorado  Breeders Depot is achieving its mission to connect customers with the highest-quality hemp. Within less than a decade, it has become a major force in multiple hemp markets, especially consumer CBD hemp flower and hemp seeds for farming. 

The Pillars of Colorado Breeders Depot Success

So, what products are getting so many hemp fans fired up about Colorado Breeders Depot? Well, truthfully, they have dozens of items worth talking about. Plus, since Colorado Breeders Depot places a significant emphasis on innovation, it’s always working on new hemp goodies. However, there are a few signature products that have earned CBD stellar ratings from online customers.

Colorado Breeders Depot CBD Hemp Flower 

Colorado Breeders Depot is one of the few direct-to-consumer retailers that plants, cultivates, and harvests their own CBD and CBG hemp flower strains. This gives the buyer a very compelling “soil to smoke” confidence that they know the origin of every hemp flower they buy, because it is grown in CBD’s own facilities. 

Independent laboratory third-party COA’s (Certificates of Analysis) accompany all of Colorado Breeders Depot’s strains and are published publicly on their website. Their hemp flower is guaranteed to be legally compliant and contain less than .3% THC. The company guarantees compliance with all federal laws and that their products are contaminant free.

With a selection of products including their indoor and greenhouse hand-trimmed buds, Delta-8 hemp flower, CBD kief, Caviar Pre-rolls and a line of products ranging from D8 Shatter to Pet CBD oil and pain relief roll-ons, Colorado Breeders Depot has something for everyone.

But as one of the three pillars of the company, their offerings in the areas of indoor CBD flower are quite impre

It is a bit hard to grasp but in just the last 3 months, Colorado Breeders Depot has released three totally new, original strains:

At the time of the writing of this article, previews of both CBD Silver and Apple Cobbler were privately released to their Membership customers and were soon to be publicly released.

Their CBD hemp flower is offered in quantities from 3.5 grams to a pound, with larger orders and volume wholesale orders available by contacting them directly. 

What Strains Are Available At Colorado Breeders Depot? 

Arguably, the most talked-about hemp strain in CBD’s hemp catalog is its exclusive Purple Urkle flower. Both Kalosinis and Montoya rave about this strain’s deep purple hue, “relaxing” effects, and “candy sweet” flavors. According to Montoya, “Purple Urkle is especially exciting because not only is it medicinal with a powerful calming and pain-reducing effect, it also looks very amazing with deep purple hues.” 

But just because Purple Urkle was a success doesn’t mean Colorado Breeders Depot is resting on its laurels. Quite the contrary! Colorado Breeders Depot continues to experiment with new terpene profiles and rare cannabinoids. 

When talking with us, John Kalosinis hyped the ultra-sticky CBD’s Silver strain, which he claims could become one of the hottest hybrids for rosin pressing. In fact, Kalosinis claims: “If you put CBD’s Silver in a rosin press, you would get twice as much rosin production as Purple Urkle. Her heavy, dense buds with that hint of purple hue almost glisten with the extra trichomes, so we named her CBD’s Silver. We just released her in July, but I think she might become our best strain.” 

Colorado Breeders Depot is also proud of its indoor exclusive Aroma Funk, as well as its citrusy kief-coated Lemon OG nugs. Another Colorado Breeders Depot strain hemp smokers should look forward to include CBD’s Diesel. According to Kalosinis, this  flower is “…still maturing in our indoor grow rooms, but it is  shaping up to be a very exciting strain.”

Delta 8 Designer Hemp Flower

For a $99 per-ounce special, Colorado Breeders Depot offers their Delta-8 Enriched Designer Hemp Flower. The company details their process as follows: 

“These designer flowers are created from a single uniform batch of naturally grown CBG hemp. This batch of CBG contains only trace amounts of THC in much lower quantities than most of the varieties sold in our store.

Then, from a separate batch of CBD hemp, we extract oil and convert its cannabinoids in the lab from CBD to Delta 8 THC most commonly known as “D8”. This compound is not THC Delta 9 and does not appear as THC in a typical drug test, but many people claim that the physical effects of consuming D8 are similar to the effects of consuming THC Delta 9.

We then apply the purified Delta 8 oil to the CBG flower with a series of thin applications so the flower maintains a natural texture and doesn’t become deformed and sticky. During the D8 oil application, we also apply a blend of cannabis and fruit derived terpenes in order to copy the flavors of well-known cannabis strains. Once the curing process is complete, we add a generous dusting of CBG kief for added medicinal potency, which increases the entourage effect.”

Although Colorado Breeders Depot has an impressive line of CBD and CBG hemp flowers, you don’t need to be a toker to take advantage of this company’s strains. There are plenty of non-smokable, CBD-rich items for sale on their website. 

CBD Flower Not For You? Colorado Breeders Depot Has Plenty Of Other Options! 

For instance, customers could use one of Colorado Breeders Depot’s two CBD tinctures for an instant blast of calm. The company’s first formulation, known as “Focus,” has zero delta 9 THC, but plenty of CBD, CBN, and CBG. For those more interested in a full-spectrum experience, Colorado Breeders Depot also sells a “Miami Vice” CBD tincture with ≤ 0.3 percent delta 9 THC. 

Recently, Colorado Breeders Depot also entered the competitive hemp topical space with its 2000 mg CBD Roll-On. In addition to premier hemp extract, each of these roll-ons has traces of soothing methanol, Arnica montana, and tea tree oil. Ideal for localized relief, these cool CBD roll-ons are already a “home run” with athletes and patients struggling with joint stiffness.

By the way, Colorado Breeders Depot hasn’t forgotten about your pets! Whether you have Fido or a few felines, you can feed your furry friend one of Colorado Breeders Depot’s pet-friendly CBD oils. And don’t worry about having to force your dog or cat to swallow this tincture. Each of these specially formulated CBD oils is unflavored. 

Beyond CBD — What Else Is Colorado Breeders Depot Cooking Up For Customers? 

Beyond hemp flowers, Colorado Breeders Depot is heavily involved in manufacturing extracts, edibles, and alternative cannabinoids. For instance, customers can now purchase Delta 8 shatter. Kalosinis also hinted that delta 10 THC products may be in the works. 

As Kalosinis explained, “Delta 8 THC and delta 10 THC [are] not created by selecting specific genetics and creating seeds in a grow room in the same way CBD and CBG are created. Delta 8 and delta 10 are never found naturally in the cannabis plant. They are created through a process in laboratories by taking either delta 9 THC or CBD and converting those cannabinoids to THC-8 or THC-10.” 

The only thing that worries Kalosinis about delta 8 and delta 10 THC is their legality. However, as long as the federal government is behind these hemp cannabinoids, Colorado Breeders Depot will continue to experiment with them. 

Or, as Kalosinis said, “We are curious to see what the FDA is going to do with the legalization of delta 8 and delta 10 in the future. As it stays legal, we are continuously excited to create the best delta 8 products on the market. We are very happy that—while many states continue to restrict the consumption of THC products—people now have access to a medicine very similar to THC delta 9.”

Kalosinis also recently revealed he’s hard at work creating one of the industry’s first high-potency CBN gummies. According to Kalosinis, “CBN is a natural compound found in all cannabis plants but usually only in very small amounts at a time. We have discovered some great ways to make CBN extraction more efficient and therefore more affordable, so we are creating a lot of new products with CBN.”

No question, there’s a lot of innovation going on in Colorado Breeders Depot’s facility. If hemp customers are on the hunt for the best mix of quality and creativity, they will find plenty on offer in Colorado Breeders Depot. 

Feminized and Non-Feminized CBD and CBG Hemp Seeds

Within less than a decade, Kalosinis and his team have created dozens of stable outdoor and indoor feminized seeds. Just a few of the trendiest names in CBD’s seeds portfolio include Stormy CBDaniels, Black Jack, and Cherry Blossom. These feminized strains have gone through multiple grow cycles to ensure farmers won’t have to deal with any surprises. 

Beyond bulk hemp seeds, Colorado Breeders Depot can supply farmers with feminized pollen to create seeds on-site. However, if people are just getting started growing high-CBD flowers, Kalosinis recommends looking into Colorado Breeders Depot’s clones. 

In Kalosinis’s opinion, clones are the best for beginners because they have the most “uniform and stable” genetics. Kalosinis also recommends planting hemp flowers close together for an easier harvest. This technique helps Colorado Breeders Depot’s seeds “grow tall with thinner stalks, which are easier to harvest with corn harvesting equipment.”

Please don’t feel you need to be familiar with hemp cultivation to use Colorado Breeders Depot’s services. Since the US government only recently legalized hemp, many growers have questions about expert cultivation strategies. That’s why CBD’s Sales Director Sunny Montoya recommends setting up a consultation call or an on-site visit. 

No matter your skill level, CBD can offer personalized cultivation guidance to get you on the right track. As Montoya said, “We take feedback very seriously and discuss customer feedback at our company meetings regularly. All three owners treat our customers like family, and they are always eager to get on a phone or host a visitor at the facility.”

For more details on CBD’s industrial hemp consultation sessions, please follow this link

The Personal Touch: Colorado Breeders Depot Customer Service

Colorado Breeders Depot offers same-day shipping with a variety of shipping options. Terplock sealed bags to maintain freshness and maintain discretion as despite federal legalization of CBD hemp flower and seed, some localities view CBD differently than others.

When one reads the history of client reviews of Colorado Breeders Depot online, the constant thread to the reviews is an appreciation of the personal service provided by the company. This immediately stands out—phone calls, text messages, follow up, responsiveness—all seem to be a model for others in the industry to emulate. 

Room for Growth

A few areas that the company acknowledges are in need of improvement is limited variety that the company offers on their website in the pre-roll market. Many vendors now feature a large selection of pre-rolls on their website, but Colorado Breeders Depot only offers a Caviar Pre-roll on their site. 

This is surprising for a company that has such a variety of flavorful popular premium CBD flower strains. While they currently offer only one variety of pre-roll, they have indicated that a line of pre-rolls with their own fresh strains is in the works.

In addition, there is no “variety starter pack” for those who wish to sample a variety of flower but in small quantity. They have addressed this issue with their Exclusive Membership Program.

Coupon Code for Colorado Breeders Depot 

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Furthermore, the company has begun to offer promos, giveaways, and coupon codes on their Instagram account  

Enjoy Exclusive Access With Colorado Breeders Depot’s Membership Program 

Customers who want to “test drive” Colorado Breeders Depot’s premier product portfolio may want to consider the company’s Monthly Flower Membership. For a monthly fee of $49.99, members will receive one ounce of Colorado Breeders Depot’s best buds per month. Members also get to enjoy steep discounts on hemp flowers and seeds as well as VIP access to Colorado Breeders Depot’s latest products. 

Note: The price you pay for membership will be locked in for life, so there’s no need to fear increasing rates as long as you remain a member. Best of all, there’s no binding contract to sign up for membership, nor a sneaky cancellation fee. If you’re not satisfied with the Monthly Flower program, you can cancel at any time.

To learn more about getting involved with Colorado Breeders Depot’s community, you can contact staff at any time via info@ColoradoBreedersDepot.com or by calling (719) 275-7770 during standard business hours. 

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