Deep Dives: TryTheCBD Review

Deep Dives: TryTheCBD Review

Try The CBD has received a considerable amount of media attention. The company has been featured in publications as diverse as Allure, Leafly, and the LA Weekly. Even the prestigious business publication, Forbes, included Try The CBD in their list of the top five CBD products for athletes.

But do Try The CBD’s products really live up to all the hype? 

Let’s find out.

About Try The CBD

Located high in the mountains of Colorado, Try The CBD has been manufacturing CBD products for over six years and takes pride in adhering to strict state guidelines. According to the company, all of their CBD products are 100% natural, gluten-free, and contain no GMO ingredients. Try The CBD uses CO2 to extract the CBD for their tinctures, gummies, and other products. 

The company stays Farm Bill compliant by deriving its CBD from industrial hemp, containing less than .3% delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). According to the website, most of Try The CBD’s products contain zero detectable THC. The company backs up its claims with current third-party lab tests and Certificates of Analysis (COAs) published directly on their website.

Try The CBD Brand Oils and Tinctures

Try The CBD offers several varieties of CBD oils and tinctures, including a few that feature alternative cannabinoids. The company uses legal, hemp-derived CBD suspended in MCT oil for each of its formulas, such as:

  • Full-Spectrum CBD Tincture: For consumers who want to take advantage of the entourage effect, Try The CBD offers Full-Spectrum CBD Tincture in sizes ranging from 500-5000 milligrams.
  • THC-Free CBD Oil: Also available in 500-5000 milligram bottles, Try The CBD’s THC-Free CBD Oil is ideal for people with specific concerns about the psychoactive cannabinoid. 
  • CBN Oil: Try The CBD’s CBN Oil combines 450 milligrams of CBD and 150 milligrams of cannabinol (CBN). CBN products are useful for consumers searching for a way to get more restful sleep.
  • CBG Oil: Cannabigerol (CBG) exhibits complementary properties to CBD. Try The CBD’s CBG Oil contains 500 milligrams of each cannabinoid.

Other CBD Products Offered by Try The CBD

Try The CBD offers an astonishingly wide-selection of CBD products.

CBD Softgels and Capsules

Softgels and capsules are excellent for travelers and people who don’t like the taste of CBD oil. Try The CBD’s Softgels are vegan, hypoallergenic, and gluten-free. Customers can choose from full-spectrum or THC-free formulas in bottles containing 30 or 60 softgels.

Another convenient option, CBD capsules can be opened to add to beverages or food. Try the CBD’s capsules come in bottles with 60 units containing 25 milligrams each. Like most of the company’s products, the CBD capsules are available in THC-free or full-spectrum versions.

CBD Gummies

CBD Gummies remain one of the most popular cannabidiol products on the market. Try The CBD’s Gummies feature broad-spectrum CBD plus CBG and CBN. Each bottle contains thirty 30-milligram gummies in assorted fruit flavors.

CBD Vape Products

Vaping is one of the quickest ways to feel the effects of CBD. All of Try The CBD’s vape products contain no propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), or vitamin E acetate. TTC offers a variety of vaping options, including pre-filled vape pens, vape carts, and vape oils.

Try The CBD’s pre-filled Vape Pens are well-suited for beginners to vaping CBD. Customers can choose from regular or premium quality models featuring several popular strains, such as Gorilla Glue, OG Kush, and Pineapple Express. 

When your vape pen runs out of CBD, you can replace the CBD oil with one of Try The CBD’s pre-filled Vape Cartridges. TTC’s vape cartridges are compatible with standard 510-thread batteries and come in several additional flavors in 300 or 500-milligram strengths.

For vapers with a bit more experience, the company offers bottles of CBD Vape Oils so that you can fill your own cartridges. All of TTC’s vape oils feature organic hemp-derived CBD, MCT oil, and natural terpene flavors from popular cannabis strains. Vapers can choose from 1000 milligram or 3000-milligram bottles.

CBD Isolates and Dabs

CBD isolates are perfect for consumers who are concerned about drug screenings. Isolates, such as TTC’s CBD Crystals, only contain cannabidiol (CBD) with none of the other hemp compounds. Customers can choose from 500-milligram, one-gram, and five-gram sizes for dabbing or enhancing foods, beverages, and cosmetics.

CBD shatter is a BHO concentrate with a glasslike appearance. Unlike CBD isolates, shatter contains all of the terpenes from the hemp plant. Customers can purchase TTC’s CBD Shatter in 1000-milligram containers, featuring natural terpenes from classic hybrids like Granddaddy Purple and Super Lemon Haze.

CBD Topicals

Human skin contains an abundance of endocannabinoid receptors, making CBD topicals particularly effective. Try The CBD offers a wide selection of CBD Topicals, including:

  • CBD Relief Sticks
  • CBD Balm
  • Muscle Gel
  • CBD-Infused Lip Balms
  • Rescue Butter
  • CBD Massage Oil

Pet Products

Currently, Try The CBD’s selection of pet products is limited to CBD oil. The company’s Pet CBD Oil contains 600 milligrams of hemp-derived CBD suspended in hemp seed oil. For some reason, TTC’s pet CBD oil is not available to residents of California.

CBD Bundles

Try The CBD’s Bundles allow customers to try out more than one product at a discount price. TTC offers four different bundles, including:

  • Best Friends CBD Oil Pack: This bundle includes CBD oils for both you and your beloved pet.
  • Daily CBD User Starter Pack: The Daily CBD Bundle is well-suited for people who use CBD to ease muscle and joint aches and pains.
  • CBD Oil Starter Pack: An excellent option for beginners or families, TTC’s CBD Oil Starter Pack contains one 1500-milligram bottle of both full-spectrum and THC-free CBD oils.
  • Relaxing CBD Mix Pack: TTC’s Relaxing Mix Pack features both of the company’s CBN and CBG alternative cannabinoid oils.

Try The CBD Reviews

Besides being featured in major magazine articles, you’ll find a plethora of favorable Try The CBD reviews online.

  • CBD Reviewed awarded Try The CBD with an expert score of 9.7.
  • The company maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.
  • Daily CBD gave Try The CBD a 4.67 out of 5 stars.

Try The CBD Website and Customer Service

Try The CBD’s website is relatively easy to navigate and offers plenty of useful information about CBD. The company ships all orders within 1-5 business days via USPS. TTC’s return policy is limited to unopened products within 30 days after purchase. Qualifying returns receive a refund minus a 15% shipping and handling charge.

Try the CBD Discounts

Try The CBD offers a lifetime discount of 30% off for seniors, students, low-income earners, firefighters, government employees, and members of the military. The company also maintains a number of assistance programs for qualified individuals. Additionally, TTC offers bulk discounts on most of its products and a points-based customer loyalty program.

You’ll find a host of Try The CBD discount codes around the web, including:

  • Coupon Catcher offers discounts ranging from 10-50%.
  • New customers can receive 30% off their first purchase at
  • You’ll get 10% off TTC’s full-spectrum CBD oil with coupon code knodeal10.

Try the CBD for Wholesalers and Affiliates

Try The CBD offers competitive wholesale prices for resellers. Interested parties can get a free quote by filling out an online form. The company also runs a comprehensive affiliate program, and qualified affiliates can participate without a website through social media accounts. TTC’s program compensates affiliates with 30% of each sale and requires $100 in referrals before processing payouts. The company pays affiliates via PayPal 30 days after sales are made. 

Conclusion: Should You Buy from Try the CBD?

Overall, Try The CBD seems like a genuinely superior player in the world of CBD. The company earns customer trust by maintaining compliance with Colorado’s strict hemp regulations and transparently displaying product COAs. Try The CBD stands behind its values by offering a range of discounts and assistance programs for low-income individuals and service professionals.

Try The CBD offers a diverse array of high-quality CBD products. Nearly every presentation is available in both full-spectrum and THC-free formulas. The manufacturer stocks vape products for consumers of all experience levels in a number of different natural-terpene flavors.

If you’re specifically looking for CBD products for pets, you would probably be better off searching elsewhere. It would be nice to see the company manufacture more pet products, such as CBD-infused treats and topicals. The same goes for people who prefer to get their CBD in whole-flower form. Try The CBD currently offers no CBD hemp flower products.

Although Try The CBD’s excellent BBB rating and customer service reviews are encouraging, there are a few drawbacks. The company doesn’t offer many shipping options, and the return policy could use an overhaul.

However, all things considered, Try The CBD is a solid CBD brand and is definitely worth checking out.

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