How To Order Marijuana Seeds Online: From Seed To Strain

How To Order Marijuana Seeds Online: From Seed To Strain

The world wide web is really a marvelous resource. It can turn the average consumer into a fancy importer with a simple click.

Access to cannabis seeds from all over the world has never been easier. Most companies ship to anywhere in the world, right to your door (Sweet Leaf has a nice feature on the best of them). If this is what globalization means, spark it up!

Slow down! If you are going to fancy yourself an importer, you should also consider becoming an expert and do your research. This article will help get you started with tips and tricks on ordering seeds for all kinds of strains from AK to Zkittlez! 

There must be one…read on to find out! 

Growing Your Knowledge

The first thing to know is there are three types of cannabis: Indica, Sativa and Hybrids. You probably already know this. 

In case you don’t, Indica is the mellow kind that makes you sleepy, producing the famous couch lock. Sativa is more buzzy, often producing a creative and energetic feeling. Then there’s hybrids, which are a blend that produce different effects based on the dominant kind in the mix. 

Then those simple three categories break off into literally hundreds more of specific strains. Don’t be intimidated, it’s easier than ever to cross-pollinate your research online. One shortcut: Even if it isn’t legal in your region, you can access the world wide web.

Look for dispensary menus from stores in Colorado or California, or an online menu from a coffee shop in Amsterdam. They are literally at your fingertips! Pick out a few, then search for reviews of the strain online or read the seed banks description of the strain’s effects. 

Seeds themselves come in three varieties: regular, feminized or autoflowering. 

Regular means a mix of males and females. This also means a lot more work and less return, since male seeds don’t flower and can germinate the females, causing your crops to have more seeds. It’s a potentially vicious cycle.

Feminized seeds are what they sound like: only feminine seeds, often genetically bred by breeders. The seed bank will usually provide information about the genetics. 

Autoflowering seeds do exactly that: flower regardless of the conditions. Naturally, feminized or autoflowering seeds will cost a little more.

It is also encouraged to research growing tips online for the strains you choose.

Things to Consider

What are your growing conditions? Indoor or outdoor? Some strains are better suited to different climates. 

How many plants do you want to produce? Not all the seeds will sprout. The accepted wisdom is to order 4x as many seeds as intended plants if ordering regular seeds, and only double if purchasing feminized or autoflowering. 

Some Tips For Ordering Online 

Check to make sure the company delivers to your region. Some regions will have customs restrictions. For example, only certain seed banks ship to the United States. 

Most ship discreetly, and many include special offers, like free seeds.

It’s also smart to research the source from which you are purchasing. Many have a long and remarkable history in breeding. World famous breeders include Greenhouse Seeds and Sensi Seeds, both based in The Netherlands. 

You can purchase directly from breeders, or from superstores of seeds, seed banks, which collect strains from different providers all in one place.

For example, research has shown that there are many Z strains out there, from Zero Effect to Zombie whatevers. Now get out there and start growing!

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