School of Steam — How To Use A Dry Herb Vaporizer

School of Steam — How To Use A Dry Herb Vaporizer

Honestly, using a dry herb vaporizer isn’t all that complex. Although every device has different specs, most manufacturers use incredibly intuitive designs. Heck, some smokers claim learning to use a dry herb vaporizer is easier than rolling a joint.  

Even if you have zero experience vaping, this quick guide to dry herb vaporizers should help you get started. 

Wait, How Does Vaporizing Weed Work? 

Before going over how to use a dry herb vaporizer, you should have a basic understanding of how these units work. 

Generally, dry herb vaporizers come with one of two heating styles: conduction or convection. 

Conduction units “cook” dry herb directly in your vaporizer’s loading chamber. 

By contrast, convection ovens have a separate heating chamber that blows hot air through your herb. 

According to most vapers, convection vaporizers offer superior flavor, but they are more expensive. Since conduction heaters touch your dry herb, there’s a higher risk it’ll burn your buds. 

A Basic Guide To Using A Dry Herb Vaporizer

If your unit has a convection oven, it’s extra important to pack your ground herb lightly. You must ensure there’s enough space for hot air to travel through for a rich and flavorful experience. 

Give Your Herb A Fine Grind

While you could pack your vaporizer with coarse cannabis chunks, that’s not a wise choice. Taking a few minutes to grind your herbs will significantly improve the quality of your vaping session.

Ideally, you should invest in a cannabis-specific grinder for your nugs. However, you could grind your weed without a grinder (using your fingers, scissors, or even a cheese grater in a pinch). While these DIY methods aren’t as precise as a proper pot grinder, it’s better than nothing! 

Lightly Stack Your Loading Chamber

Now it’s time to pack your ground herb into your unit’s loading chamber. Please remember to pack lightly in convection vaporizers to help the air filter through. 

Press The “On” Button

Most portable vaporizers have a central button that you must click five times to turn on. However, you may need to hold the main switch and wait for it to light up.

Please take a look at your owner’s manual for specific instructions on powering up your vaporizer. 

Customize Your Preferred Temp 

If your vaporizer has heat settings, now is the time to choose your ideal temperature. Commonly, dry herb vaporizers have temperatures that range from roughly 150° C up to about 230° C. 

The lower your temp, the more flavorful your vape will be. Higher temps will destroy some terpenes, but they will deliver immense & dense clouds. 

Beginners should start with lower temps and gradually increase till they discover the ideal balance of texture and flavor. 

Inhale, Exhale, and Enjoy!

When your vaporizer registers your preferred heat setting, put your lips on the mouthpiece and inhale for about four seconds. You should only need to hold this vapor for about one second before exhaling. 

It may take a while to adjust to vaping if you’ve never smoked before. Just remember to take it slow and wait a few minutes to feel any effects. As you get more experience with vaping dry herbs, you should feel more comfortable increasing your inhalation time. 

Shut Your Vaporizer Off

Many dry herb vaporizers have an automatic shut-off, but please double-check this is the case before using your device. Also, if you’re using a conduction unit, you may want to consider shutting your vaporizer off in-between draws.

Remember: Conduction ovens continue to cook dry herbs even when you’re not drawing.

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