Beyond CBD Hemp – A Comprehensive Guide to Delta-8 THC Flower

Beyond CBD Hemp – A Comprehensive Guide to Delta-8 THC Flower

Most customers interested in CBD hemp flower don’t want to see THC in their strains. Indeed, a primary reason people smoke hemp is to enjoy the flavors of cannabis without the “high” associated with THC.

However, did you know there are different THC molecules in the cannabis genus? Indeed, researchers now know that cannabis contains both delta-8 and delta-9 THC. Of these two, delta-9 THC is the only one that’s formally banned in the USA. Delta-8 THC, however, is gaining a lot of attention amongst CBD connoisseurs.    

In fact, hemp companies have been receiving countless requests for delta-8 THC items in recent years. To meet clients’ demands, the market is now flooded with a wide range of delta-8 THC goods, including hemp flowers, tinctures, and edibles. Like other hemp-derived products, reputable hemp companies should send their delta-8 THC flowers for third-party lab screenings to ensure there are no contaminants or heavy metals.

Wait A Second, Is Delta-8 THC Flower Legal? 

Before people learn what delta-8 THC is, they often jump straight to questions about its legality. We get it; the acronym “THC” has a bad rap in the mainstream media. Since delta-8 shares the “THC” label, it’s understandable why new customers feel a little uncomfortable.  

While delta-8 and delta-9 THC share a similar molecular structure, they are not the same chemical. Legally speaking, only delta-9 THC is forbidden under the US 2018 Farm Bill. When lab technicians analyze hemp-derived goods, they’re only interested in the percentage of delta-9. So, unless states pass unique laws outlawing delta-8 THC hemp flower, this secondary cannabinoid is legal to buy, sell, and use in North America.  

Another critical difference between delta-8 and delta-9 THC is their overall percentage in the hemp plant. While delta-9 THC is low in hemp strains, delta-8 THC is even more scarce. Since delta-8 is such a rare cannabinoid, it has been costly for manufacturers to extract—which often translates to a higher price tag. 

Thankfully, as more customers and researchers get interested in delta-8 THC’s properties, cultivators are developing new ways to maximize this cannabinoid’s percentage.

What Does Smoking Delta-8 THC Hemp Flower Feel Like?  

So, is delta-8 just a sneaky way to feel the same effects as delta-9 THC? Or, is delta-8 THC another non-intoxicating cannabinoid like CBD or CBG?  

Unfortunately, since delta-8 THC hasn’t been extensively researched, there’s not much reliable data on its effects. However, recent reports suggest delta-8 THC interacts directly with our endocannabinoid system (ECS). Since delta-8 seems to land on our CB1 and CB2 receptors, it’s safe to say this cannabinoid has psychoactive properties. 

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean delta-8 has the same effects as delta-9 THC. Indeed, according to most anecdotal reports, delta-8 THC seems to have a “mellower” effect compared with its big brother. For this reason, some people claim delta-8 THC’s effects fall somewhere in-between CBD and delta-9 THC.  

While delta-8 might not be as intoxicating as delta-9, please remember that it has psychoactive properties. Anyone not used to a “high” sensation should go slow when trying delta-8 THC flowers. It’s also essential to take delta-8 THC when you’ve got plenty of free time to chill at home.      

Is Delta-8 THC Flower Similar To CBD Hemp Strains?  

The more delta-8 is in a hemp strain, the more potent it will be. It doesn’t matter how high your CBD tolerance level is—delta-8 THC has psychoactive properties; hence it has a stronger impact versus CBD strains. 

That being said, no hemp strain has only one cannabinoid. Even if you order a high-delta-8 strain, there’s going to be some CBD, CBG, and CBC in your flowers. Indeed, there are dozens of secondary cannabinoids in all hemp flower strains. So, while delta-8 THC may be predominant in these flowers, it won’t be as overwhelming as a refined delta-8 extract.   

In fact, some studies suggest CBD blocks THC from landing on CB1 receptors. This effect may help dampen delta-8’s psychoactive properties, which could lead to a milder experience.  

FYI: IHF now offers delta-8 THC strains with comparable CBD or CBG percentages. If you’d like more info on these hemp hybrids, please follow this link. Both of these exciting cultivars offer users an exceptionally well-balanced experience.      

Besides Hemp Flower, What Other Delta-8 THC Products Are There?  

You don’t have to be into hemp smoking or vaping to try delta-8 THC. Indeed, as you start browsing delta-8 THC products, you’ll run across a wide range of extracts and edibles for sale.  

If you’re totally new to this cannabinoid, we’d recommend starting with delta-8 gummies. Like all CBD edibles, these yummy treats take a bit longer to enter your bloodstream versus tinctures or smokable hemp. Also, the effects associated with delta-8 gummies won’t be as intense as other products. This makes delta-8 gummies the best way to gauge your body’s reaction to delta-8 with minimal risk of side effects.  

Another non-smokable way to test delta-8 THC is to try delta-8 hemp tinctures. These naturally flavored extracts contain between 1,000mg to 5,000mg of delta-8 THC, which makes them incredibly easy to dose. Simply place the recommended dosage under your tongue, hold for a few seconds, and swallow. You should feel the effects of this cannabinoid within a few minutes.   

Those who are more experienced with delta-8 THC can also try many high-potency products. For instance, you could now find delta-8 THC dabs, shatter, and moon rocks.   

When Should You Use Delta-8 THC Flower?   

Because delta-8 THC is slightly psychoactive, you must be extra cautious about when you schedule your smoke sessions. In fact, you should only use delta-8 THC when you’re at home and have nothing scheduled for the rest of the night. Since everyone reacts to delta-8 differently, you should be in a safe environment when you try this cannabinoid for the first time.  

Please never operate heavy machinery after taking delta-8 THC. You should also refrain from using delta-8 THC at work as it may impair your productivity.     

Will Delta-8 THC Flower Appear On A Drug Test?      

You should never take delta-8 THC while at work. Not only will this cannabinoid ruin your productivity, it could cost you your job. Unfortunately, since delta-8 is only slightly different from delta-9 THC, most marijuana tests will come out positive.  

So, if you know a drug test is coming up, you should refrain from taking delta-8 THC and full-spectrum CBD goods for at least a few days. You could, however, use THC-free products like CBD isolate without an issue.  

If you’d like to learn more about CBD isolate powder, be sure to visit this webpage.  

Should You Use Delta-8 THC Or CBD? 

Since everyone has different preferences and tolerance levels, it’s impossible for us to say whether delta-8 is better than CBD for you. In fact, many customers alternate between these cannabinoids at different times of the day. Figuring out which cannabinoid to take depends on various factors, including your metabolism, intended effects, and your environment.  

Generally speaking, CBD tends to be the better choice for people who are new to hemp. Since CBD is non-psychoactive, there’s no need to fear a “high” sensation. Plus, CBD is far more versatile than delta-8 THC. You could take CBD oils or gummies at work without worrying about them interfering with your concentration. 

However, that doesn’t mean delta-8 THC is without its uses. Indeed, many people who claim CBD doesn’t work for them often appreciate delta-8’s enhanced potency. While you can’t use delta-8 as often as CBD, it may be a fantastic option for at-home use.  

What’s The Best Dose Of Delta-8 THC For Beginners? 

Like CBD, there’s no standard dose for delta-8 THC. We all have different metabolisms, which means we won’t all have the same reaction to these cannabinoids.  

However, you should always use less delta-8 THC than you would use CBD. For instance, we only recommend taking a max of four drops of 1,000mg delta-8 tincture on your first try. Even if you’re experienced with delta-8 THC, we wouldn’t recommend going above 10 mg per serving.  

Please take a close look at your delta-8 product’s recommended dosage and stay at the lowest end of the range. As your body adjusts to delta-8, you could slightly increase these doses each day. Just remember to give your body a break every few days to prevent building a tolerance.    

Where To Buy Delta 8 THC?

To meet the increased demand for delta-8 THC, IHF offers one of the largest portfolios of delta-8-rich hemp hybrids. If you’d like to learn more about their expanding line of delta-8 THC products, please visit this webpage.

Plain Jane is another reputable vendor of delta-8 THC products. Click here to find their online store.

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