Cannabis Strain Guides: Guava Cake Strain

Cannabis Strain Guides: Guava Cake Strain

If you’re in Europe or North America, guavas probably aren’t the most abundant fruit in your local supermarket. Similarly, when you visit a legal cannabis dispensary, chances are you’re going to have issues snatching a stash of the Guava Cake strain. 

Although more cannasseurs are discovering this sweet phenotype, Guava Cake remains a rare THC-laden treat. Indeed, since this strain is so scarce, many customers wonder whether it’s worth the extra trouble to search for. 

Sure, finding Guava Cake may take some effort, but most people who get a “slice” of this strain are super satisfied. Guava Cake may not be ideal for every toker’s taste, but it’s a fantastic new option for dessert strain enthusiasts. 

What Is Guava Cake’s Genetic Lineage?

Not only is Guava Cake a challenging strain to find, but it’s also quite mysterious. In fact, this hybrid is so rare that SeedFinder still doesn’t have a Guava Cake profile. 

While we don’t know the “where, when, or who” of Guava Cake, most websites agree on this hybrid’s parentage. Allegedly, Guava Cake is a unique Gold Leaf phenotype. Nobody knows what went into the hybrid Gold Leaf, but lab reports confirm it’s a well-balanced hybrid with about 20 percent THC. 

It appears Guava Cake cultivators cross-bred Gold Leaf strains until they produced a higher indica percentage. Most Guava Cake strains are at minimum 70 percent indica and have a THC concentration in the 20 – 30 percent range. 

By the way, some cultivators believe the “cake” in Guava Cake’s name refers to the legendary cultivar Wedding Cake. Unfortunately, we don’t know whether Wedding Cake is present in this hybrid, but it would make sense considering Guava Cake’s sweet aromatics and indica dominant effects. 

Guava Cake’s Standard Flavors

It doesn’t take a genius to guess Guava Cake has predominantly fruity flavors. Like many indica dominant flowers, Guava Cake has high concentrations of the sweet terpene myrcene. Typically, myrcene is associated with mangoes, which may account for Guava Cake’s tropical aromatics. 

While fruitiness predominates in Guava Cake flowers, many smokers also pick up plenty of woodsy and earthy terpenes when grinding this strain. It’s also likely you’ll smell doughy and sugary terpenes, most likely related to Wedding Cake. However, Guava Cake tends to lean heavier on fruity aromatics, so please don’t expect a GSC-style dessert toke.

How Does Guava Cake Affect Smokers? 

Surprisingly, Guava Cake delivers a sativa high right out of the gate. Smokers commonly report a buzzy “head-rush” sensation that’s accompanied by plenty of spontaneous giggles. But don’t let these sativa properties fool you. Guava Cake is still a 70 percent indica hybrid, and the sedating, “couchlock” effects will take over after a few minutes. 

It’s also essential to mention Guava Cake can have THC percentages near the 30 percent range. People with a low THC tolerance will probably experience adverse reactions if they take too much Guava Cake. 

Despite Guava Cake’s initial sativa effects, it’s best to reserve this strain for use later in the day. Even if you take a low dose of Guava Cake, it will probably make you feel sleepy after about 30 minutes. 

What Strains Are Similar To Guava Cake?

Since Guava Cake is so tricky to find, many cannasseurs are interested in easier-to-find hybrids that mimic its flavors and effects. Thankfully, there’s an entire family of Guava strains that share many similarities with the Guava Cake cultivar. 

Nowadays, it’s easiest for tokers to purchase the original Guava strain put out by Cookies Fam. Made with a unique Gelato genotype, Guava is a fruity sativa-rich hybrid with mostly energizing properties.  

For a more mellow Guava experience, consider looking up the award-winning Guava Kush genotype. While Guava Kush shares Guava’s distinctly sweet aromatics, it leans more on the calming end of the spectrum. 

As Guava genotypes become increasingly popular, many hemp cultivators are experimenting with this hybrid. In fact, Industrial Hemp Farms now offers Fortified Guava hybrids with high traces of the cannabinoid THC-O. So, even if you can’t find marijuana Guava strains, you could pick up a few Guava flowers in CBD hemp form. 

Ground Yourself With Guava Cake Ganja  

Guava Cake may not revolutionize the cannabis industry, but it’s a solid entry in the expanding line of sweet dessert hybrids. As with other strains that share the “Guava” name, Guava Cake has a lovely tropical flavor with the right pinch of sugar and earthiness. 

Tokers with a high tolerance for high-THC indicas will enjoy plenty of giggles before Guava Cake’s sedating effects kick in. So, if you’re looking for a soothing late-night hybrid, Guava Cake may be worth checking out. 

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