Cloud 9 Hemp Review: Shopping On Cloud Nine

Cloud 9 Hemp Review: Shopping On Cloud Nine

Cloud 9 Hemp is one of the many cannabis brands that popped up around the United States during the past decade, along with the massive growth of the cannabis market. It’s a cannabis brand featuring a line of CBD-based products, ranging from oils, terpenes and tinctures, edibles and topicals, as well as CBD products for pets. Cloud 9 Hemp takes pride in using organically grown hemp, cultivated in the U.S., along with imported hemp plants of the finest quality, supplied by their European partners.  

This is a company dedicated to improving the awareness around CBD benefits, by promoting a high-quality product line as well as an informative blog ―and they have a lot of satisfied customers to show.

But is Cloud 9 Hemp worth the hype? Let’s look into the details.   

The Company

Cloud 9 Hemp has been in operation since 2014, in Tennessee, as the cannabis market was gaining momentum and due in part to the increased popularity of the plant’s medicinal properties, especially CBD and its benefits to general healthiness and well-being. As explained on their website, pure concentrated hemp features the full spectrum of medicinal benefits of the marijuana plant, without the cerebral effect ―or the high, which is caused by THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). The founders of Cloud 9 Hemp made it their purpose to offer the customers premium CBD products, the most natural and legal alternative to medicinal cannabis ―as CBD works by interacting with the built-in receptors that make up the human body’s endocannabinoid system.

This company uses the CO2 extraction method to extract the cannabidiol (CBD) and all the other vital compounds and terpenes from the raw, organic plants; afterwards, the product is purified and sent to third-party labs to be tested for CBD content, THC content, as well as any other unwanted chemicals or additives. Everything is conducted taking the legislation into account; with the Farm Bill Act, all cannabinoids in the

cannabis and hemp plant except for Delta-9 THC (the regular THC) are federally legal to consume in the US, as long as they contain less than .3% THC. 

As mentioned on their website, Cloud 9’s Gold Label CBD is sourced from a specific strain of hemp renowned for its high potency, and then thoroughly tested in laboratories in the US, ensuring the highest and purest concentration of CBD in the market. Cloud 9 Hemp plants are generally grown indoors, away from harmful chemicals and pollutants. 

Shipping and Offers

The company features a user-friendly, informative website, with numerous reviews and a FAQS page answering common questions about the nature and recommended use of CBD. Plus, you can find the ingredients list and information on the use of every product in the company’s catalogue! 

As for discounts and offers, those are exhibited on the top of the webpage: you get an exceptional 20% off your first order if you just use the code “hemp20” at checkout. 

If you’re buying in bulk, there’s also a wholesale option available for those interested in white-labelling or Cloud 9’s drop ship program. You simply apply for a wholesale account, log in with your new credentials, and place your order ―please note that the minimum initial order must be $300 or more to qualify for wholesale pricing.

Plus, you get free shipping! Most of the orders, excluding the wholesale ones, are bound to ship within 24 hours, given that the product you have ordered is in stock. Of course, as with many other online stores, orders are not processed or shipped on weekends. However, the company clarifies that they cannot guarantee the exact time of the arrival of your order, or be held responsible for any delivery times, as they use a shipping partner. 

Cloud 9 Hemp’s preferred carrier is USPS, and all shipping will be completed in that way unless otherwise specified. You can opt for the Expedited Shipping option, which means that your order will be shipped USPS Priority, instead of First Class. Even so, this does not mean an order will leave the facilities of Cloud 9 any quicker than another, and the company advises that you order in a timely fashion to avoid delays caused by shipping or product availability. Also, note that delivery of items purchased from this online store anywhere outside the United States is limited.

Plus, the company encourages you to inspect your order upon arrival and if you see any products are missing from your order, you must report the error within 24 hours of delivery, so that an investigation is conducted. However, the company clarifies that they can not accept returns on opened packages based on disliking the flavour, as this is completely subjective. 

Cloud 9 Hemp offers 100% refunds or exchanges on manufacture defects (e.g. broken bottles, faulty lids, etc.), but they do not refund or exchange based on any claims or lack thereof from cannabidiol. To initiate a refund or exchange, you must contact customer support within 21 days of delivery, and no returns are allowed on any opened or used items without management approval. Finally, the company notes that refunds usually take up to 5 business days to show on your card once processed.

Product Line

The Cloud Nine Hemp brand offers an interesting selection of premium CBD products: CBD oils, edibles, waxes/dabs, topicals and CBD for pets. Not every product on their catalogue is made in the company farms and facilities, as they do also sell products from other manufacturers. However, they claim that all products featured in their store are completely vegetarian, non-GMO and gluten-free, as they only use vegetable glycerin as an emulsifier in their blends. The company also claims that all their products contain full-spectrum, natural terpenes and cannabinoids, ensuring the benefits of the complete entourage effect.

Cloud 9 Hemp takes pride in offering customers an admirable selection of the best CBD products, boosting a collection of premium oils and tinctures. Currently, their tinctures catalogue features nine different flavours, ranging from Butterscotch and Pineapple Express to Berry AK and Peppermint. All are priced from $19.99 for 250mg, up to $49.99 for 1000mg. As clarified on the company website, tinctures have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory qualities and are used supplementarily, consumed in very small amounts and ensuring a healthier lifestyle ―and they are not to be smoked or vaped. 

Furthermore, the Hemp Oil category features two options: High Octane CBD Hemp Oil, priced from $19.99 for 250mg up to $69.99 for 1500mg, and Flavored CBD Hemp Oil, priced from $29.99 for 250mg, up to $99.99 for 1500mg; you can choose between Cinnamon, Butterscotch, Peppermint, Strawberry or Vanilla flavours. 

As for the Edibles, there’s only one option: top-notch Natural Orange Blossom CBD Honey, priced at $24.99 for a hemp CBD content of 250mg. The pet option is a specially-formulated tincture for cats and dogs, priced at $19.99 for 250mg and $29.99 for 500mg. These CBD Pet Drops can be administered to your pet by adding them into their food or water, or by topically applying them to the middle of the tongue or back of the cheek/gum line.

Finally, Cloud 9 Hemp also offers a selection of Topicals, infused with cannabinoids for relieving those suffering from stress, tension, or splitting headaches. Those CBD topicals can be applied to your skin and get immediately absorbed, for a relaxing, therapeutic effect. 

You can opt for the 8oz Body Lotion/Cream, priced at $24.99 or the CBD Cream priced at $19.99, or you can go for the Canna-Mask CBD Face Cream and the CBD Healing Balm, both currently on sale and available at $24.99.

What People Are Saying

The brand offers a simple but efficient range of CBD products for the users that need the effects of medicinal cannabis without the intoxicating effects. Those used to oil drops can also try the several hemp extract tinctures offering the same health effects, in multiple flavoured versions ―so there’s something for everyone. 

As far as reviews go, customers seem rather satisfied on Cloud 9 Hemp’s Facebook Page, while the best feature of the company website is that there are several customer reviews available on every product page! Users describe the positive effects of the Cloud 9 Hemp products, and they recommend it to other customers. Additionally, a large number of Review Pages can be found on the website, and all seem honest and approving of the brand’s products. 

Finally, based on all reviews, the Cloud 9 Hemp company appears to be responsible when it comes to their customer service, and they are reachable by phone and email contact. They are also active on social media platforms, where potential customers can find out more about offers and discounts, as well as read educational blog posts related to hemp and CBD.


It seems like Cloud 9 Hemp is a trustworthy company, and their catalogue, though not particularly extensive, is of good quality and priced at quite affordable rates.

However, safety is always a concern; even though they provide the list ingredients in their CBD product line, and the company claims to source only the best, organically-grown hemp from trusted US and European suppliers, no lab test results are available on the website ―even though they mention that they perform rigorous testing on their products. Plus, they state on their website that all statements regarding the safety of their products have not been evaluated by the FDA. 

Even so, taken the satisfied customer reviews into account, it looks like Cloud 9 Hemp is a company true to their word about having their buyers’ satisfaction in mind. However, they should make a point in their agenda to provide full test results and lab reports for potential buyers to see, in order to enhance their customer base and become more popular.

In any case, before purchasing any CBD product, consult with a health professional. Cloud 9 Hemp also notes that a doctor’s advice should always be sought before using any medicinal products. 

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