Colorado Breeders Depot: The Destination for Top Quality Hemp Seeds For Small and Large-Scale Growers

Colorado Breeders Depot: The Destination for Top Quality Hemp Seeds For Small and Large-Scale Growers

Colorado Breeders Depot wants to be your go-to resource for top-quality hemp seeds.  Their mission as suppliers of hemp seed and growers of CBD hemp flower is to “take all the stress out of your hemp-related ventures”. Whether you’re a grower, dispensary owner, or consumer, the Colorado Breeders Depot (aka CBD) team has the genes you need to succeed. From bulk feminized hemp seeds to one-of-a-kind cultivars, Colorado Breeders Depot has plenty of COA-approved products to choose from. 

But it’s not just CBD at CBD! This Cañon City company also sells many of the hottest secondary cannabinoids like Delta 8, CBG, and CBN. 

Whatever you could think of in the world of planting and growing hemp flower, there’s a good chance Colorado Breeders Depot can help. In addition to being a global source for wholesale seeds, they offer free consultations for farmers in all aspects of their grow operation,  a marketplace to sell product, and more.

What Could Colorado Breeders Depot Offer Hemp Farmers? 

Although owner John Kalosinis first worked exclusively with high-THC marijuana, he quickly discovered the need for innovation in the CBD hemp market. As Kalosinis put it, “Once I really got into the THC world, I realized how limited I was…working with only one cannabinoid. With all the restrictions, I could only do business locally, and I really couldn’t impact people’s lives all over the world. THC was also already an established field, and the classic original strains had already been developed by breeders years earlier.” 

These issues led Kalosinis to turn his attention towards hemp flower genetics. In a recent interview, Kalosinis said he had a deep desire to be one of the “first breeders to develop new and stable strains in the hemp world…that could be sold all over the world.” It’s from this ambition that Colorado Breeders Depot was born.

Within less than a decade, Kalosinis and his team have created dozens of stable outdoor and indoor feminized seeds. Just a few of the trendiest names in CBD’s seeds portfolio include Black Jack, Cherry Pie and CBD Sunset Sherbert. These feminized strains have gone through multiple grow cycles to ensure farmers won’t have to deal with any surprises. 

Beyond bulk hemp seeds, Colorado Breeders Depot can supply farmers with feminized pollen to create seeds on-site. However, if people are just getting started growing high-CBD flowers, Kalosinis recommends looking into Colorado Breeders Depot’s clones. 

In Kalosinis’s opinion, clones are the best for beginners because they have the most “uniform and stable” genetics. Kalosinis also recommends planting hemp flowers close together for an easier harvest. This technique helps Colorado Breeders Depot’s seeds “grow tall with thinner stalks, which are easier to harvest with corn harvesting equipment.”

Please don’t feel you need to be familiar with hemp cultivation to use Colorado Breeders Depot’s services. Since the US government only recently legalized hemp, many growers have questions about expert cultivation strategies. That’s why CBD’s Sales Director Sunny Montoya recommends setting up a consultation call or an on-site visit. 

No matter your skill level, CBD can offer personalized cultivation guidance to get you on the right track. As Montoya said, “We take feedback very seriously and discuss customer feedback at our company meetings regularly. All three owners treat our customers like family, and they are always eager to get on a phone or host a visitor at the facility.”

For more details on CBD’s industrial hemp consultation sessions, please follow this link

Working with Small and Large Growers/Operators

Whether you’ve got 20 acres to dedicate to cultivation or you’re working in a tiny indoor grow room setup, Colorado Breeders Depot can help you find exactly what works best for you. Location and climate both play a huge role in the choice of hemp seed genetics. Some of their strains are hardier than others and some require extra amounts of TLC and time. 

Some strains need different temperatures and light schedules to fully hit their ultimate potential. Because they boast such a wide array of genetics available, the germination times and harvest times are non-uniform, so their grower customers reach out to them frequently, even if their working a massive number of plants. They are happy to make recommendations and answer questions based on their years of experience growing thousands and thousands of pounds of hemp flower.

For small-batch growers or customers just learning how to nurse a beautiful hemp plant into a bud-ridden powerhouse, they recommend feminized seeds to ensure the biggest yield per plant possible. An all-female crop maximizes available space, and thus removes the need to remove male plans or worry about cross-pollination risks. Novice growers should consider Auto-flowering strains because they won’t fail with a missed lighting schedule or other minor learning mistakes.

Not Into Cannabinoid Cultivation? Colorado Breeders Depot Has Industrial Seed Options! 

Although Colorado Breeders Depot focuses on its high-CBD and CBG flowers, it’s also excited to support the emerging hemp fiber industry. Indeed, with all the new decorticating facilities in the USA, Kalosinis said his company is interested in making connections with industrial hemp growers. 

In reference to the 2022 market, Kalosinis recently said, “This will be the first year [decorticating] facilities will actually be operational. It’s hard to tell how big it will be this year one, and how much farmers will be able to make per acre of fiber produced because we have no previous data to go on. But there is no doubt that hemp fiber will be in high demand in the United States.”

Sales Director Sunny Montoya also stresses the virtues of the company’s new Tri Crop Hemp Seeds. First developed in 2016, these naturally pest-resistant strains can provide growers with industrial-grade fiber, hurd, nutrient-dense hemp seeds, and cannabinoid-rich flowers.

In terms of its industrial applications, Montoya claimed the company’s Tri Crop Seed “…is the perfect crop for soil remediation and restorative farming practices, and it produces three different crops for three different industries. Its strong, tall stalks provide the highest quality fibers available in the hemp industry. The hurd in the center of the stalks can provide solutions for toxic plastic products and construction products by creating hempcrete, hemp bioplastic, and more.”

When asked about CO Breeders Depot’s seed genetics, Kalosinis stressed the importance of fast-flowering times to help indoor customers. As he put it, “Right now, we are developing new genetics for our hemp smokable flower. We’re focusing on fast-finishing, high-yielding strong flavors and smells. Indoor growers need to pay thousands of dollars in electricity, so the difference between a 7-week finisher and an 11-week finisher is a big deal for growers. We want to support hemp growers to grow top-quality flower. We are creating the growers’ dream tied together with the end-users dream and making that available in one set of genetics.”

So, whether you’re focused on growing hemp fiber, hemp seeds, or cannabinoids, Colorado Breeders Depot has seeds that shine in all of these categories. CO Breeders Depot’s employees also understand the importance of proactive customer service, especially in the “Wild West” hemp market. Both Kalosinis and Montoya encourage new customers to set up a free consultation if they have questions about their emerging industrial hemp products. 

Add Healing Hemp To Your Smokeshop — What Strains Are Available At Colorado Breeders Depot? 

In addition to helping hemp farmers bring in a bumper crop, Colorado Breeders Depot loves sharing its industry-first flowers with store owners. In fact, one of the main reasons Sunny Montoya joined Colorado Breeders Depot’s team was to promote hemp’s healing potential. Montoya openly talks about her passion for using hemp cannabinoids like CBD to combat issues she noticed in at-risk teens and veterans. 

In Montoya’s words, “I was so inspired by the idea of working for a company where I could promote a plant and work towards reversing misunderstandings that had placed so many of my boys in terrible situations. My time working with the veterans’ community in the National Guard gave me a unique view on PTSD and chronic pain issues that plague soldiers and veterans.” Montoya firmly believes hemp has an “almost magical potential” to “[care] for the earth and [care] for people.” It’s this passion for superior customer care that fuels Colorado Breeders Depot’s cultivation and manufacturing departments.

Arguably, the most talked-about strain in CBD’s hemp catalog is its exclusive Purple Urkle flower. Both Kalosinis and Montoya rave about this strain’s deep purple hue, “relaxing” effects, and “candy sweet” flavors. According to Montoya, “Purple Urkle is especially exciting because not only is it medicinal with a powerful calming and pain-reducing effect, it also looks very amazing with deep purple hues.” 

But just because Purple Urkle was a success doesn’t mean Colorado Breeders Depot is resting on its laurels. Quite the contrary! Colorado Breeders Depot continues to experiment with new terpene profiles and rare cannabinoids. 

When talking with reporters, Kalosinis hyped the ultra-sticky CBD’s Silver strain, which he claims is one of the hottest hybrids for rosin pressing. In fact, Kalosinis claims: “If you put CBD’s Silver in a rosin press, you would get twice as much rosin production as Purple Urkle. Her heavy, dense buds with that hint of purple hue almost glisten with the extra trichomes, so we named her CBD’s Silver. We just released her in July, but I think she might become one of our best strains.” 

The recent release of Apple Cobbler, a CBD original, has created an interest in the genetics of this impressive flower, and Colorado Breeders Depot is also proud of its indoor exclusive Aroma Funk and its citrusy kief-coated Lemon OG nugs 

What Else Is Colorado Breeders Depot Cooking Up for Customers? 

Beyond hemp flowers, Colorado Breeders Depot is heavily involved in manufacturing extracts, edibles, and alternative cannabinoids. For instance, customers could now purchase delta 8 shatter. Kalosinis also hinted that THC O products may be in the works. 

As Kalosinis explained, “Delta 8 THC and THC O not created by selecting specific genetics and creating seeds in a grow room in the same way CBD and CBG are created. Delta 8 and delta 10 are never found naturally in the cannabis plant. They are created through a process in laboratories by taking either delta 9 THC or CBD and converting those cannabinoids to THC-8 or THC O.” 

The only thing that worries Kalosinis about delta 8 and THC O is their legality. However, as long as the federal government is behind these hemp cannabinoids, Colorado Breeders Depot will continue to experiment with them. 

Or, as Kalosinis said, “We are curious to see what the FDA is going to do with the legalization of delta 8 and THC O in the future. As it stays legal, we are continuously excited to create the best delta 8 products on the market. We are very happy that—while many states continue to restrict the consumption of THC products—people now have access to an excellent medicine.”

Kalosinis also recently revealed he’s hard at work creating one of the industry’s first high-potency CBN gummies. According to Kalosinis, “CBN is a natural compound found in all cannabis plants but usually only in very small amounts at a time. We have discovered some great ways to make CBN extraction more efficient and therefore more affordable, so we are creating a lot of new products with CBN.”

No question, there’s a lot of innovation going on in Colorado Breeders Depot’s facility. If hemp seed and flower customers are on the hunt for the best mix of quality and creativity, they will find plenty on offer in Colorado Breeders Depot. 

Looking for Top Seed Genetics at Great Prices? Enjoy Accessible Pricing with Colorado Breeders Depot’s Wholesale Seed Pricing 

As growers begin to ramp up for the 2022 growing season and indoor growers continue their search for the holy grail of seeds, Colorado Breeders Depot has just released a set of seed specials for customers who want to “test drive” their wholesale seed selection.  The new Colorado Breeders Depot’s seed specials are available on their website:

  • 10 seed starter pack $99
  • 50 seed starter pack $199
  • 100 seed starter pack $299
  • 500 seed starter pack $599
  • 1,000 seed pack $750
  • 5,000 seed pack $2500
  • 10,000 seed pack $4000
  • 20,000 seed pack $5000
  • 50,000 Seed pack $10,000
  • 100,000 Seed pack $15,000

Links to products/prices:

There is another twist to accessing great prices for seeds.  The company offers a Membership Subscription–for a monthly fee beginning at $49.99, subscribers can choose to receive one or more ounces of Colorado Breeders Depot’s best indoor hemp buds per month (or D8 designer hemp flower) and get steep discounts on seeds and flowers. The membership price you pay will be locked in for life, so there’s no need to fear increased rates as long as you remain a member. Best of all, there’s no binding contract to sign up for membership nor a sneaky cancellation fee.

To learn more about wholesale seeds and partnering opportunities with Colorado Breeders Depot, you can contact CBD staff at any time via or by calling or texting (719) 275-7770 during standard business hours.   For wholesale seed inquiries, they have an easy online form you can fill out.  Their staff has a reputation for being very responsive so it shouldn’t be long before you hear back from their staff.

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