George Mouratidis - Cannabis Copywriter


Cannabis copywriter on duty: Me in my "I-got-street-smarts" outfit.

Cannabis copywriter on duty: Me in my "I-got-street-smarts" outfit.

Hi there! My name is George.

I work as a full-time cannabis content writer and researcher. I am a regular editor for publications such as International Highlife, HowToGrowMarijuana and Cannabis Tech

I am also the co-writer of the book Ganja Hustlea hit beginner grow guide for USA and Canada.

My mission is to help people understand the many benefits of the marijuana plant and how it can help improve all aspects of their lives.

Meet the cuddly, fuzzy co-founder of

Meet the cuddly, fuzzy co-founder of

Through my work and research, I aim to reshape the public image of cannabis and its users, fight misconceptions and promote the benefits of growing and using this amazing plant. My focus is on global marijuana trade, cultivation and culture.  


Most of my experience in the marijuana industry comes from personal involvement and working at various publications, such as HowToGrowMarijuana, Allbud and PotNetwork. Also, I have worked with the team at Ganja Hustle to create the most comprehensive outdoor grow guide for the Canada and US markets.

From 2016 to 2018, I have published over 500,000 words of unique, in-depth cannabis content online.  

You can see samples of my writing on my portfolio or upon request! If you would like to see something that is not listed, just shoot me a message and I will provide you links to my publications.